"contiue being good you're gonna have a GREAT TIME!!!"
– Mick threatning the player on a Pacifist Run

MickRunner take the role of Fell! Sans in FandomFell. He is the final boss in Pacifist and Genocide Route.He is forced to call his brother Boss/Lord.


Mick is a 5'8 light skinned human that wear a red and black hoodie with black fingerless gloves and red shoes. He has a scar cuting his left eye but he can still see through.


He always acts angry but he has paranoia, depression and anxiety and when he's angry his anxiety can increase and cause can him to have panic attacks. He finds his brother a scumbag for ruining his image for people. He find Rlopkid23 the only person who understands him

Abilities and Weaknesses

He has access to telekinies,teleportation and Karmic Retribution. He instead uses Kurama Blasters and launches Beast Bombs. His bones are sharp fox claws

Parnoia- He feels very afraid when walking alone in Snowdin since he feels like he's being watched

Aniexty- He suffers from it and some points it gets so bad that he doesn't want to leave the house and his brother has to drag him out and can start thinking of fleeing in a fight.

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