– Ash!Sans

Ash!Sans is a mix of Sans and Ash Williams, the main character from the horror movie series 'The Evil Dead.' He is the main character of the crossover AU EvilDead-Tale, an AU created by TheNitroFlamer.


Ash!Sans is usually seen wearing a pale-blue, collared shirt, a pair of brown jeans held up with a belt and a pair of black shoes. In later parts of the story, he also has a leather shotgun holster strapped to his back and a chainsaw attached to his right arm. He can replace his chainsaw with a prosthetic hand.


Ash!Sans' personality drastically changes throughout the events of EvilDead-Tale, but he usually remains pretty incompetent at everything, except fighting off deadites. During the first night and the start of the second night at the cabin, he is something of an everyman. He is a bit laid-back and is mildly cowardly and inexperienced. Throughout the second night at the cabin and his time trapped at 1300 A.D he becomes much more brave and even arrogant. It is at this point that Ash!Sans becomes known for his one-liners, and his personality takes on a more cynical, embittered tone.

Abilities and Weaknesses


Unlike most Sanses, Ash!Sans does not have any powers, instead he has to rely on weaponry for combat. He has two main weapons, one is a sawed off Remington 12-gauge double-barrel shotgun (which somehow never runs out of ammo) and his other weapon is a chainsaw which can be attached to his arm (which somehow never runs out of fuel). He can also use other weaponry to his advantage, but he mainly relies on his chainsaw and shotgun. He is very skilled in using this weaponry and can use it to defeat many threats which regular people wouldn't usually be able to overcome.


Ash!Sans is as physically strong as a regular person, meaning that he can still be killed like a regular person, and even though he is skilled in combat, he can be taken out by something powerful enough.

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