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This information is based on alternate scenes or materials, and is not considered canon within the overall plot of the AU series.

""p-please... ink!! have mercy!!""
– Error to Ink, pleading for his life.

Broken Error is a non-canon AU inversion of Anti Ink in which Ink!Sans beats Error to the point of death, made by Fusionx963.


Ink finally grew tired of watching Error destroy everything he loved and cared for. In one last attempt to protect innocent lives, he challenged Error to a fight to settle their disputes once and for all.

Ink had the upper hand throughout the fight. Error thought to reach for Ink's brush using his strings. Ink quickly threw one of his vials at Error's face. The vial shattered and the ink from said vial blinded Error. From then on, Error could not land a single blow onto Ink. Error begged Ink for mercy, stating that he would never destroy AUs ever again. Ink said "you, who are without mercy, now plead for it?!" Ink had an expression so psychotic, it would make people like Horror!Sans and Dust!Sans feel uncomfortable. Ink then saw Error bleed, and was brought back to his senses. Ink commanded Error to vow to never harm another AU ever again. Error hastily agreed.


He mostly looks like the original Error!Sans, except with a few differences. He has cracks along his head, one running through his right eye acting as a scar. He also has a few broken ribs.


Error is very nervous and easily frightened. He is too scared to fight anyone anymore. Error also tires very easily. He still hates Ink, but he fears him more. Ink checks up on Error on a somewhat regular basis to make sure nothing is getting destroyed. Error often goes to Underswap and hangs out with Swap!Sans. Doing this makes Error feel a little better.


Error's abilities have decreased exponentially. His attacks are either incredibly weak, or just unable to work properly. His string attack can't go more than a few feet, his Gaster Blasters can't fire their lasers at all, and his bone attacks can only do a maximum of 8 damage. From that point his damage output lowers.

He can still travel to other AUs, but can't destroy them. He is physically incapable of destroying AUs now.


  • When Fusionx963 saw Anti Ink, he thought there should be a different universe in which Ink!Sans wins.
  • Broken Error is aware of Anti Ink.

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