Sans is the brother of Papyrus and a major character in Emptytale.


One of two living monsters in Emptytale, he is a skeleton fused with the Soul's of Justice and Kindness, being fused for an extended period of time caused Sans to develop split personalities with aspects of the souls.

His original personality is the dominant of the three, and when it is in control, Sans' eye glows blue, likewise for Kindness his eye is green and Justice is yellow.

He has a friendship with each of his personalities and his brother.


Sans is a macabre humored, pun loving skeleton. He is dead serious when working on a way to undo the situation they are in.

Justice's personality is very serious and somewhat uptight, but he does his best for Sans and Papyrus, in that he is trying to find a way to remedy the situation.

Kindness's personality is basically entirely slapstick comedy, he also cooks spaghetti with Papyrus and focuses entirely on finding a way to repair Papyrus' body.

Powers and Abilities

Sans has all the powers of an awakened Monster, and is capable of fighting without tiring, he focuses greatly on avoiding getting hit, then attacks with telekinesis (bones) and Justice's "magic bullets", should he take damage, he is able to heal himself using Kindness' " Lunchtime!".

His standard attacks inflict Karmic Retribution, but magic bullets deal direct damage.


Sans in Emptytale has very weak basic attacks, and can also not move around whilst using Magic Bullets or Lunchtime!.

Targeting his brother may also be a weakness.

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