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Umbreon is the older brother of Flareon . When Umbreon isn't telling puns or sleeping on the job he's looking for humans in Icedin or waiting in the PokeHall. Umbreon hates Eevee's but he can't kill them because he made a promise to Sylveon not to harm them.



Umbreon is a shiny Umbreon with blue rings on his head and front and back legs. His jacket is yellow instead of blue. His eye glows yellow when you battle him in The Genocide Route. (Give ideas in the comments for what his Blasters and Bones should be.)


Umbreon is a laid-back, lazy Umbreon(he's the AU's Sans, what did you expect?) He enjoys puns and drinking hot sauce and annoying is younger brother Flareon. He goes to a house in the woods everyday to tell puns to Sylveon behind the door (Soriel is canon, meaning they like each other.) all day they make puns and laugh.


  • He is from the AU Eeveetale.
  • The sprite will be by ~UltimateAnimuu~.
  • He has a crush on Sylveon.
  • Him and the AU were made by Eeveetale.
  • He can teleport like most other Sans.
  • when he gets hit in genocide he toss a hot sauce bottle at

you and the fight becomes harder (work In progress)

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