Eclipse is a fusion between Ink and Nightmare. He was created from an unavoidable roleplay incident. He was created by Createsans.



He initially wanted to destroy, but Ink's pure willpower overtook Nightmare and won control over the fusion. He is mostly calm, but can get erratic, uncontrollable and crazy. He desperately tries to keep Paperjam away, as the Ink part of him is trying to protect him.


Nightmare initially kidnapped Paperjam in an attempt to get him to summon Ink, but PJ refused. This enraged Nightmare to the point where he almost killed PJ until Ink came. Ink refused to give Nightmare his powers, which further angered Nightmare. Ink did, however, agree to fuse with Nightmare, which he accepted.


3/4's of Eclipse's face is white while the last 1/4 is cracked and black. He has one yellow star pupil, which changes shape and color when he blinks, and one battle blue pupil, which remains the same. He wears a dark brown hoodie under a grey chest guard, black shorts and medium length boots. He has 4 tentacles on his back, and carries a paintbrush. He also has a brown work belt across his chest, which carries his art supplies. Eclipse could possibly change forms and have a new appearance.


  • Ink agreed to fuse only if Nightmare would release PJ unharmed.
    • However, PJ was harmed prior to Ink's arrival, but Ink agreed regardless.


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