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Fragment is the fusion of Create and Scrap whether you like it or not =)



Fragment is usually carefree, funloving and easygoing, but if the situation demands it, he's rude, serious and sometimes even dangerous. He has a bit of a temper. He's also depressed and narcissistic. He has an attitude, and often acts before he thinks.


He has white bones and no hair. His left pupil is a lavender heart and his right pupil is a blue circle. He has a more Sans-like head, but a more Gaster-like height. He has scars like Scrap and holes in his hands.

He wears a purple T-shirt, a light pink collared vest, with the collar upturned, purple knee-length sweatpants and magenta boots. He has a brown satchel across his shoulder, with carries his supplies. Around his neck, he wears a hot pink choker that has silver spikes on it.

Weapons and abilities

He can summon Gaster Blasters and bones to fight, like Create, and has paintballs to blind and tag, like Scrap/ He can also camouflage with his surroundings, to make it harder to find him. He describes his camouflage as "turning invisible". He often fights with his bare hands.


From Create, he is incredibly sensitive. If someone says the wrong thing, instead of crying, like Create, he'll go off on them.

He loves both syrup and Mountain Dew, and if he sees either of these, he'll lose his train of thought, making him an easier foe to defeat.

He deeply cares and Destroyer, Legondtale Gaster and Horrortale Sans. If they are in trouble, he loses his focus.


  • He came to be from me listening to "Echo" repeatedly.


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