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Not to be confused with Echo.

Echo!Sans the protector of RezoCity. Echo!Sans lost his arm when NegaEcho attacked, He was made by Hardin015.

Story Here W.I.P


Echo!Sans protects those who cannot protect themselves and is overprotective of Frisk.

He Lives in RezoCity the city of fast progression.

and is also a Pun Master oh wait we already knew that duh 99% sans are Pun Masters


Echo!Sans is an Overprotective yet also relaxed. He is always trying to be funny and 80% of the time he is. He is a definite Pun Master. Echo!Sans can be very calm and problem solving, at times he can be very adventurous. Also very compassionate and everytime someone brings up something that has to do with comedy he gets extremely excited! and starts making lots of jokes. Very Caring too


His backstory is mostly unknown other than to Papyrus. He had more of a dark life.

Echo!Sans when he was at the age of whatever a young skeleton would be, had no parents and took care of Chrono!Papyrus all on his own he had a tuff life, it was easier as he got older. This caused Echo!Sans to be very very overprotective. He won't even let Papyrus get near a spider.

Echo!Sans lived underground like the rest of the monsters, he found Frisk and took "them" to Toriel who took care of the child for awhile.


Resonance Sans appears with a white t-shirt and a orange-ish reddish jacket with grey fur around it. He has a bionic skeletal like arm. He wears the normal shorts like classic sans. He has normal white eyes but when he

Abilities and Weaknesses

Echo!Sans has very huge amount of resonance supply however he doesn't use too much abilities except for the very few he made and his normal attacks from UT.

Phase(you don't wanna know).

Chilled to the bone(him and his puns... just sends a quick shockwave.)

Amplification(Everyone knows this one duh)

He also tires out very easily as he can be quite lazy at times, and his bionic arm is very sensitive to hot stuff. Echo!Sans tends to drag things out despite him being lazy.



Echo!Sans's brother, him and Chrono!Papyrus shared a huge bond between each other. They can however get on each other nerves like brothers always do


The one Sans met when he was just wandering in the ruins. The 2 share a very good bond.


He cant stand Temmie!


His long time friend Toriel. They've been friends for a very long time


He was created by Hardin015 for ResonanceTale AU of Undertale

Both him and ResonanceTale are WIP

He loves bakery food, and pasta.


None Yet!

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