Dying!Sans is an AU Sans born in the destroyed AU (Phantomtale) and always fading to dust. He became an insane AU destroyer to make all AUs 'Feel his pain.' Dying!Sans' design was made by BigUncleLachlan (Yes, you read that right) but his story was remade by TheNitroFlamer.


Dying!Sans was originally from a destroyed AU Phantomtale. During accidental events, the core of his world was destroyed as he was falling into it. This version of the core was much more powerful than most versions, so when it blew up, it not only destroyed the Underground, but the entire AU, except for him. During the core explosion, he was dying, part of his arm fading into dust, but because of the energy of the core, not only he stayed alive, but his soul merged with the souls of everyone else in the Underground, making his significantly more powerful. He was left in a void after the explosion. After that, he realized he wasn't alive, but he was forever trapped in a state of fading to dust, meaning he will always be fading to dust without being fading to dust (basically, he's arm always appears as it's fading to dust, but really it's just stuck in a state when it looks like it's fading, but isn't, it's just a dust cloud always following his arm). This, combined with his state in the universe, slowly drove him to insanity. Eventually Error!Sans found the void which was once Phantomtale to destroy it but was assaulted by the AU's Sans. Error won, and pulled out the other Sans from the void, then destroyed it. This made Phantomtale Sans even crazier and caused him to attack Error in a state of insane rage, and he actually, beat him. The use of his powers caused him to fade even more. He ran away, only to get nowhere. He eventually uses a small portion of his powers to open a hole to a realm with access to all the AUs. Once he got to that realm, he then forged a weapon out of a fragment of his soul, his powers, and a single one of Error's blue strings, gave himself the name Dying!Sans and vowed to put every AU through the same pain that he went through.


Dying!Sans has some similarities with Classic Sans, but overall looks different. He has a red eye, and his hoodie is dark blue with a red hood and zipper, plus a small black heart and a small puppet-esque face with bleeding eyes on his hoodie. His shorts have red stripes instead of white stripes and he wears black slippers. His right arm is always fading, always appears as a few disembodied orbs floating where his arm should be. He also has a katana.


He is completely insane, no questions asked. He acts crazy all the time, often laughing crazily, especially when killing people, which he does. A lot. He also has a pure hatred of anyone, wanting them to suffer in horrible agony.

Abilities & Weaknesses


Dying!Sans is really powerful due to his large stats. He also has his weapon, a short sword which can change form into any weapon. He can also manifest energy blasts with his weapon. He also can manifest portals through anywhere in the multiverse with his weapon.


Due to his increased power, his HP (Health Points) are greatly increased and because his higher DF, (Defense) most attacks only do 1 point of damage to him, making him really strong. However, his blatant insanity obviously makes it hard for him to fight, plus his weapon can sometimes stop working when he zones out, turning into an orb, which is really impractical in battle. Since he also has no other powers besides his weapon, he can't do anything without his weapon.


  • Dying!Sans was originally made by TheNitroFlamer's friend BigUncleLachlan, but he allowed TNF to remake Dying!Sans and his story.

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