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The Ultimate Amalgamate

During a fight with Underhell Sans, Dusttale Sans drank a bottle of determination so he'd have a better chance of winning... but it only made things worse during the battle. Underhell Sans melted and combined with Dusttale Sans, forming an unbeatable monster.


Hp: 69

Lv: 49

Atk: 666

Def: 650


  • It has the ability to lure you in with its eyes. DO NOT look it in the eyes.
  • It sings a familiar song to you luring you closer and closer while hypnotizing you with its eyes. Then it eats and/or snaps your neck.
  • Bone Attack: Standard Attack
  • Gaster Blaster: Standard Attack:


Acts like he's never seen a human before. A very angry insane person who talks at random. Doesn't stay on one topic and has a hard time thinking or remembering certain things.


*No More Resets there is only here*03:21

*No More Resets there is only here*

You Wish you could win

On The Hunt for You02:33

On The Hunt for You

*It Sings to You*01:08

*It Sings to You*

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