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Distrust Sans (also known as Genocide Sans) is an AU version that was created via a rumor about Sans, where he is the final boss instead of Papyrus in the Genocide Route.

Papyrus stops Sans from fighting the protganist in snowdin and tries to do it himself but dies.

​Physical description

What happens if he was sad that Papyrus dies encountering him on the Judgement Hall? You will have to fight Sans on a Genocide/No Mercy run, Sans to become the brother who fights you in the corridor. He has lost some trust in you and still wants to help you. He still believes you can be good.

Sans left eye glows blue. He is also crying. The rest of him is the same as the regular Sans. The story can range from Sans still thinking you can change until moments before death, to him truly trying to kill you. Sans is often shown wearing hoodie, and wielding a bone about as long as he is small but he is not wearing a hoodie.

The Battle

His battle starts when you keep on doing genocide route, does. The reason why he would do this is because he don't want to watch his brother and his friends die over, and over, and over. So he stop Sans, and take care of the human, but he died, so Sans has to watch his friends die...

Phase 1: His battle becomes a bit harder, and he has Gaster Blasters. He still believes chara is a good person on that phase, and trys not to hurt them. Your attacks will be blocked by Sans' bone. He can sometimes use some of Genocide Sans' attack, and bones can be Blue or orange. In the halfway, Sans' bone would start to break, the more you fight, he knows when it will break, when it breaks in half, Phase 2 starts.

Phase 2: He is holding one half of his bone in the air, sometimes spinning the other half. There is different music to the other phases.

His bone is broken and his attacks are extreme.

He is able to move the bullet board and the FIGHT, ACT, ITEM and MERCY buttons.

He eventually replaces all of your items with Tacos. It heals nothing... (me: *eats taco* OH MY GOD THIS TACO IS AMAZING! THAT HUMAN IS EVIL!!)

He cannot be spared.

Phase 3: Before this phase, Sans will 'give up' until he realises that he is the Magnificent Sans. He is then able to bring a copy of Papyrus and later, a copy of Alphys back from the dead, although not forever.

One fist is in the air, the other is by his side.

Papyrus and Alphys are fighting alongside him.

The attacks in this phase are mostly average, but some of them are extremely unfair. His stats are 9999 each.

His special attack is both Sans and Papyrus wearing RAD DUDE clothes while playing pong with your SOUL and some bones. Alphys is revived after the special attack.

At the end of the phase, Sans realizes that the copies of Papyrus and Alphys are not real and apologizes to them.

Phase Four:

His battle body is damaged and his arms are by his side.

He uses normal attacks for most of the phase and he can be killed at the end of this phase.

He believes in you again in this phase and tells you that you can still have a good ending by sparing him.

He still believes in you even if you kill him.

He uses abnormal attacks, such as basketballs and racecars.


IMG 4094


Disbelief Papyrus And Disbelief Sans - Mashup01:45

Disbelief Papyrus And Disbelief Sans - Mashup

Mashup underswap disbelief and undertale disbelief03:02

Mashup underswap disbelief and undertale disbelief

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