"I just cant die I want to just DIE"
– Dark!Sans

Dark!Sans (or Dark for short) is an AU Sans originally made to be the ultimate protector named Light!Sans, but due to an incident during his creation he is a damaged AU destroyer. Dark!Sans was made by Rlopkid23/Enderlord1234.


Dark!Sans was made by Crazy Nude Artist Sans, Ink, and Create to be the ultimate AU protector, even greater than Error!Papyrus himself. The AU was to be called LightTale, but Error destroyed the AU during it's creation, obliterating everything and everyone except Light!Sans, who was temporarily trapped in a white void and discovered his powers. Unfortunately, when he entered the void his body and SOUL was corrupted into a dark version of what they once where because of the hatred in his heart towards Error. He grew a chain tail which he could use to trap souls. his body became red, with blood red energy flowing from his skull. He found he could set his HP, LV and Power to any possible level, so he set the stats to infinite levels, Making him stronger than Error, Nightmare, or any AU in the multiverse. he has stated, "Sometimes it feels like i'm in a dream and others a nightmare." He has a heavy disdain for Error and what he did and will never forgive him. He has Error!Undyne's soul in his chain. He's immune to Fresh!Sans's virus. He is an AU destroyer. He once even teamed with Nightmare to destroy Underfell, and through the process they became great allies, even though they failed.


Dark has a similar look to the original Sans, excluding his transformation. His bones have been tainted into a deep red shade, with energy flowing out of his skull. He has a chain tail which can be extended to great lengths. He wears a black hoodie with a white hood and a pair of blood red shorts with a black stripe with a white border.


Dark has very unpredictable personality. He is usually seen acting vicious or cold-heartedly towards people. He rarely shows any sign of positive emotion towards anything. He also hates what he does because he is soft hearted inside but he can't help it. He feels tremendous guilt when he kills someone (except temmies). He has deep stress he can quickly react to anything as of 100088899999 Chara attacks by teleporting behind them and killing them quickly. He also wants to die but he simply can't die. He has a crush on Comic.

Abilities & Weaknesses


Dark can teleport to any dimension any place any time. Dark!Sans can use a variety of powerful and dangerous attacks. He has a chain circle that shoots plasma beams, an energy blaster, red bones, the ability to put your SOUL in BLACK MODE, and trapping your soul in his tail. Any red energy attack can melt anything on contact except himself. He can also use the red energy from his skull to attack. The attacks do infinite damage to anyone except Error. The attacks only do 99999999 damage to Error. He doesn't just stay in Undertale AUs he can travel to any universe, e.g: Rick and Morty. Because he's a Sans he has the original's abilities. He found he can set his stats only once and doesn't know how to die.


If someone tries to hurt Rlop or Comic he will go ballistic and suffer depression.



(This is canon) he took Dark in when he escaped the void at age 3 and raised him as his own and taught him how to use his power to destroy and kill.

Annoying Dog
This information is based on alternate scenes or materials, and is not considered canon within the overall plot of the AU series.


Dark hates Error because of his actions in the multiverse and for destroying his AU.


One of his 3 creators. Even though he respects Ink's work, Dark is bound to being a destroyer (Although that is because of his corruption). Ink has tried to change his ways, yet Dark says that, "Once you've done the things that I have, you can't be forgiven."


One of his 3 creators. Although he find CNAS' personality weird and slightly creepy, Dark respects CNAS' work.


One of his 3 creators.


Dark knows next to nothing about his brother, considering he was presumably killed along with the rest of his AU.


Dark considers Nightmare his greatest and most trustworthy friend.


Dark saw Infected while destroying an AU, and has been hunting him down since that day.


He hates all Temmies. Currently he has killed 830,970,010,100,657,800,666,657,789,999,900,994,444,444,555,666,177,719,304,958,444,444,444,449,877,666,000,000,000,874,698,876,234,999,999,653,666,888,888,888,104,741,888,888,888,999,999,999 Temmies.


He has a crush on Comic. He is usually nice around her and will protect her universe.

Rlopkid23 (FandomTale):

He found this Rlop and decided to spare him because the other Rlop took him in and he wants to return the favor.


He despises Cliche and has killed him in several past timelines.


He is enemies with Hero Sans and has killed him multiple times in other timelines.

King Multiverse

He wants to destroy him because he temporarily took his powers



  • Though an AU destroyer he admires Ink, CNAS, and Create for what they do (Not that they are his creators).
  • Black Mode lets Dark!Sans move your soul any way he wishes.
  • It is unknown why he has a crush on Comic (Probably because he thinks she is pretty who knows?)
  • He has seen Infected and tried to attack him
  • Resets don't effect him one bit so he can go through a reset
  • He was trying to destroy Swapfell while seeing Infected.
  • He is aware of his appearance in CNAS-Tale, however he acknowledges that it's non-canon.

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