– $@N$ Glitching

$@N$ is the first character introduced in Snowdin, and the third main character introduced in DELETEDtale. There is no possible way to activate his genocide fight since you can't kill everyone, the only route you have is true pacifist. However, he can still judge you.



Somewhat, the same, supporting, the main character, friendly, he somewhat can get Dead serious sometimes, he is 27% corrupted, he still makes puns tho. However, everytime he tried making a pun, he always glitches

He sometimes show his glowing eye, its very rare for you to see his glowing eye since nothing genocidal happen, He still deals 1 damage. So don't think his another OP character.


Some what, the same, there is white boxes all over him, covering his left eye, he can randomly corrupt at times, having scars on his eyes, or large hole in his left hand, wearing a scarf and gloves, he rarely wear all of them.

If he wear all of them, he must be corrupting very much.


Sans simply get weaker than his Undertale Counterpart. He rarely uses those attacks due to lack of uses. He still have Bone attacks. He forget how to summon a gaster blaster.


Somehow, like his young brother, Papyrus, he uses symbols instead to talk instead of numbers.

Hashtag (#) is letter E.

Exclamation mark (!) Is letter I.

@ is letter A.

^ is letter V or Y.

and Lastly, $ is letter S.



Like classic Sans, he cares about his brother even his cracking him with puns, and being lazy.






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