"Feeling inferior is never fun..."
– Destroyer

Destroyer!Sans is responsible for "throwing away" old, messy or broken concepts of characters, while his twin brother, Create makes new characters. He, along with Error and Nightmare, seek to destroy all AUs and positive emotions. However, Destroyer had given up playing evil.


Destroyer has white bones and no hair. His pupils are red and ovular, but are no longer dripping blood. He wears a grey hoodless unzipped jacket, which is over a white T-shirt, grey basketball shorts and grey boots. For accessories, he wears a golden circle shaped locket and a grey bandanna.

Weapons and abilities

He cannot summon Gaster Blasters, unlike his brother. Instead, he relies on weapons. He can manipulate any liquid, and walk on water. Also, if he touches lava, he is uneffected. He can also stop time, which freezes everyone but himself. He can also turn the floor to water, and can make it up to 4 feet deep, making escape easier for him.


He has depression, and it often makes him emotional and suicidal. He just wishes someone would be his friend.


He is actually not as evil as many may think. He enjoys talking to people about how he feels, and hates that no one even knows who he is. He is merciless in the face of danger. He has major depression, but attempts to hide it. Swap "helped" him change by commenting he's not really that evil. He has a crush on Dance!Sans.


  • He's lactose intolerant.



They fight and argue, but Destroyer is jealous that he was always preferred. Create often brags about being more popular, which gets on Destroyer's nerves. It even gets so severe, Destroyer yells at him and leaves.


They know each other. Blackberry often makes fun of him for being who he is, which makes him start to cry.


He has a BIG time crush on Dancetale Sans, but because his brother is constantly making fun of him, he never shows himself around him.


He doesn't trust him, but wishes to consider him a friend, since he feels he has none.


He is often quiet around her. He wishes to consider her a friend, but since neither of them like Create, he feels as if S.T and Swap would not want to be his friend.


He considers him the closest thing he has to a friend.


He's deadly afraid of her. If he saw her, he'd either hide or be absolutely silent.


Okay, so they're going out, and Snowpea is carrying 2 kids named Aster and Iris, which are totally canon to Createtale.


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