"Suicide would've been a permanent solution to a temporary problem."
– Create

Create!Sans is responsible for the creation of new characters, while Destroyer is responsible for destroying the old, messy or broken concepts of characters. Create is also called "Newbie" by Ink and Dream, due to his newcoming.

He was created by Tumblr user TheFunHasBegun, who is also responsible for RevengeSwap.


Create has no hair, like the other Sans's, and his left eye is a hot pink heart while his right is a blue teardrop, this is constant. He wears a light pink scarf, a white long sleeve under a hot pink T-shirt, purple basketball shorts and red boots. He wears a black satchel, which carries his art supplies. When mad, his right pupil, which is normally blue, disappears, and his left pupil flashes medium blue and scarlet, the colors of Sincerity and Audacity.

Weapons and abilities

He, unlike the other creators, is able to summon Gaster Blasters. These Gaster Blasters are frost white and their eyes are medium blue and scarlet, like their summoner. He also has razor sharp scissors, which are strong enough to snip through steel. If he gets absolutely pissed off, he can start glitching and will grow razor sharp teeth.


After thinking, he's realized depression isn't the answer. From his realization, he's grown stronger and more optimistic. Rather than letting people hurt him with words, he ignores them. From his depressed state, he retains the smart he grew from then. He is more often seen smiling than before. He does have a temper, and will lash out if someone insults him. He adores caramel and syrup, namely syrup.


Create is incredibly claustrophobic. He starts panicking if he's in tight spaces. Also nightmare knows about this.

Despite his determination, he can be persuaded. He absolutely adores caramel sauce, the way classic likes Ketchup, Fell likes mustard and Swap Papyrus likes honey.

Even more than his caramel obsession is his syrup obsession.

He can still be hurt by words, even though he's grown stronger.


Annoying Dog
This information is based on alternate scenes or materials, and is not considered canon within the overall plot of the AU series.


He feels incredibly guilty for everything he's done. Destroyer tries to assure Create that everything is okay, but Create won't listen.


Create has sworn vengeance on Error ever since the Slayertale incident.


He respects Ink for his work in creating AUs while he creates the characters for the AUs. They, along with Dream, intend to destroy Error, Nightmare and Destroyer to protect the AUs.


He respects Dream in his work in creating good emotions while he creates the characters for those emotions. They, along with Ink, intend to destroy Error, Nightmare and Destroyer to protect the AUs.


He has never directly met Berry, but has overheard Ink and Dream talking about him and even seen him, but never made eye contact or spoken with him.


He has romantic interest in Horrortale Sans. They are good friends. He is too shy to admit his feelings. He is getting better at admitting, though.


Him and S.T don't get along very well. Their rivalry matches that of the their creators.


He's cool with S.K. He doesn't care that S.K is annoying, to him, at least.


He and Envy are really close. However, he is completely unaware that Envy has a crush on him.


He feels deep regret for making Asylum!Sans the way he is, and wishes to undo it, but knows he can't. He starts to cry when he think about what he's done.

Crazy Nude Artist Sans

He has respect for him, yet feels he's too young for the kind of job he has.

Insane Ink

He feels guilty for not being there on time to save him.


  • He has a bad habit of drinking straight from 2-liter bottles of soda, specifically Mountain Dew.
  • His depression isn't entirely from harassment. The true cause is that he's a klutz. He's accidentally killed 3 children by dropping them, and being unable to catch them in time.
  • He is his mothers 2nd favorite of 5.
  • Word of warning: No wine, tequila or whiskey. You don't wanna know.


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