"Don't underestimate the things that I will do."
– Backwards before battle

Backwards Create formed from hate and harrassment. He sees Nightmare as his father since he was made off of hate and Nightmare is the embodiment of hate.



He is hardly ever in a good mood. He hates being harrassed, and can embarrass himself easily. He is suicidal, and often cuts his bones because "it doesn't hurt", but is often punished by Nightmare. He has a bad habit of cracking his joints, which many find disgusting. He has a strong dislike to S.T, and blames him for his existence. He hates life and wants it to end. He is happy only when playing chess or when he's with Chess!Sans. He often overthinks, which makes his suicidal urges more drastic. He enjoys hanging out in Room 123 in the Undertale game files, since he can access the room.

Despite being suicidal and depressed, he has some other traits, he secretly stole Justice, is has the traits of that soul. He can be helpful, but often causes trouble accidentally.


Due to Create being harrassed nonstop, Backwards was made off the depression, anger and sadness Create had felt. After awhile, these emotions formed a sentient being. He saw Nightmare as his father, since they're both negative emotions. He was looking around universes until one day, he found Chesstale. Curious, he went there (he already had a love of chess at the time) and met Chess!Sans and fell in love with him.

Weapons and Abilities

He's skilled in a number of weapons, especially swords and whips. He cannot summon Gaster Blasters, but can teleport. He also, like Classic, has psychokinesis. He can jump from Timeline to Timeline, or AU to AU, and can get into the files and code of Undertale. He can also speak and understand Wingdings.


He cannot stand insults, and will start overthinking and cutting himself if the insult is major (i.e calling him "Suicidal Moron", "Create Do-Over", etc.)


He has an appearance similar to his positive self, only with less pink and more black and red. He wears a blood red scarf, a black T-shirt over a white long sleeve, bright red shorts and black boots. He has sharp teeth, and his pupils are the same shape as Create's, only they're both red.



He hasn't met Create yet, but has heard bad things, and thus, was brought up to believe them.


He sees Nightmare as a father to him. They are both negative emotions. Nightmare does show he cares about him, since whenever Backwards cuts himself, Nightmare stops him.


He wishes S.T would disappear and never return. His unbridled rage against S.T is indescribable. If given the opprotunity, Backwards would ambush S.T and attempt to kill him.


He hates her because she's on S.T's side. If he had the opprotunity, he'd silently attack her and decapitate her.


He has no feelings for S.K. However, they have met, and Backwards has not yet decided his feelings.


Despite her wanting to team up with him, he rejects the offer, stating "He's a lone wolf". He wants to kill S.T on his own.


He has a big-time crush on Chess!Sans. He often enjoys playing chess, which is the only time he feels truly happy. He's too shy to admit his crush, and is afraid he'd mess up.


He has suspicions against Edge, and has an intense hatred of him. He's afraid of him, however, and has been kidnapped by him a number of times.


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