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Crazy Nude Artist Sans (Or CNAS for short) was admitted into the UMH by his friend TNF after he pushed him over the edge. No one knows for sure what illness he suffers from, but it is presumably either a severe case of Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) or a severe case of Autism.

Reason for Admittance

CNAS was admitted by TNF because of an incident between the two. CNAS accidentally broke TNF's arm due to CNAS doing something random. TNF was healed, but at that point he had enough, and decided to admit CNAS into the UMH in the AU MentalTale.


CNAS looks the same as he does in CNAS-Tale, however he no longer has his art supplies and is always in a grey straight jacket.


CNAS is absolutely crazy. He always rambles on about random stuff and tries to fiddle with his straight jacket. He is so crazy, he is locked up in a special cell that only authorized personnel may enter. He is very friendly to the few people he can interact with, but is also very self absorbed.



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W. D. Gaster

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  • The beginning of the story is canon to MentalTale and CNAS-Tale. However in CNAS-Tale, CNAS was broken out in 2 weeks. This is not-canon to MentalTale.

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