Violent Gilded Artist Sans (or VGAS for short) is the fell version of Crazy Nude Artist Sans and a minor rival to CNAS in CNAS-Tale, as well as being the main character of his own AU CNAS-Fell. He is a sadistic AU vandaliser who hates everything and everyone. VGAS was created by Wikia, Youtube & Gamejolt user The Nitro Flamer.


VGAS lives outside the timeline with his 'friends' and lives solely to vandalize. He lives in a small pocket dimension within Error!Sans' dimension. This pocket dimension is filled with weird abstract artwork, sprites and concept sketches of AU characters, all in different shades of red and black. VGAS calls the world "The Graffiti Pad" because of the abstract artwork.


He looks very similar to CNAS, but with major differences. His beret, paintbrush, art bag, and eyes are are all red, and his teeth are naturally sharper. His skull is covered in a few cracks and has a few missing/damaged, but his main difference is some of his bones. VGAS, being a greedy, gold-loving scumbag, has melted bars of gold and used them to 'pimp himself out,' coating a sum of his bones (1/9 of his skull, 90% of his teeth, his right shoulder bone, right arm, right leg, left half of his pelvic bone and 9 of his vertebrae) in pure, 24 carat gold.


  • He hates his 'friends,' but trusts them all, except Flamer.
  • He was not aware of the real CNAS' existence until Impact showed up to The Graffiti Pad.
  • His brush is coated in blood instead of ink.
  • Sadly, VGAS is pro-Hitler.
  • He likes smoking crack-rock cocaine and methamphetamine, especially when he confiscates it from Fell!Flamer.
  • Even though he is the top of his group, CNAS-Fell TUTF355 can easily beat VGAS to a bloody pulp if he wanted to.
  • Like with TUTF CNAS-Fell Rlop can 1 shot him.

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