– Crazy Nude Artist Sans

Crazy Nude Artist Sans (CNAS for short) is the main character of the AU CNAS-Tale. He is a Sans who exists outside of timelines to help the creation of artwork/spritework for AUs that don't have any decent artwork, or any artwork at all, for that matter. CNAS' concept was created by Wikia, Youtube & Gamejolt user The Nitro Flamer, but his crazy design was created by himself.


CNAS lives outside the timeline with his friends. He helps AUs and their creators by creating art for the AUs with bad art, or no art. He lives in a small pocket dimension within The Creative Realm. This pocket dimension is filled with weird abstract artwork, sprites and concept sketches of AU characters. CNAS calls that world "The Picasso Pad" because of the abstract artwork.


CNAS looks very different from regular Sans. CNAS is taller than regular Sans, and literally wears nothing but a beret. CNAS is a tall, bald skeleton that has a generic mustache. He has two eyes, the one on the right looks like a green Marijuana leaf, while the one on the left literally looks like the Star Wars character Jar Jar Binks. He carries a giant paintbrush (like Ink), a bag filled with craft tools (like Create) and a can of spray paint.


CNAS is crazy, as seen in his appearance, some of his artwork and his crazy speech pattern, as he commonly says random stuff (usually pop culture reference, artistic remarks and offensive phrases) for no reason. However, he does take his work somewhat seriously, often telling people to go away when working because "they break his concentration." However, nothing else CNAS says or does is done seriously. He likes creating artwork (usually abstract or sprites) and hanging out with AU versions of Sans, even though he's socially awkward. He has a particularly large ego (similar to Papyrus), often praising himself as the greatest AU ever.

Abilities & Weaknesses


CNAS is able to create pictures and art that he can make come to life. Unlike Ink however, CNAS is able to rectify the deceased in the form of Gaster Blasters that look similar to what they originally look like and with similar powers. So far he has 37 different Gaster Blasters. He also has telepathy, psychokinesis, teleportation, the ability to turn people into a painting, sprite or ceramic statue and the ability to redraw himself (or anyone else) in the exact way he wants. Plus, he can erase people from existence, even if they are practically or literally indestructible. He also has a transformation called...

The Meme Lord and Savior of Munchkin Land

CNAS can transform into a giant abomination similar to Photoshop Flowey except made out of memes. CNAS can achieve this form by witnessing at least 20 memes in half an hour, and the only way to defeat him is saying something really evil (e.g: Keemstar), which will cause him to explode into a giant mushroom cloud, the cloud then implodes into a clone of Stan Lee. The Meme Lord and Savior of Munchkin Land has even more of an ego than regular CNAS and will often torture people until they worship him. As of his powers, he can attack people with memes, specifically razor sharp pot leaves and doritos, giant shock waves from airhorns, acid Mountain Dew rain, giant bottle flips and other crap like that.


CNAS' most obvious weakness is his insanity, which makes it hard for him to focus during combat. He also has inconsistent stats, with them constantly changing with each battle, making it hard for him to fight anyone. He is also a pacifist, sometimes saying that "war & violence, like Keemstar, is a plague on society that shouldn't exist."


TheNitroFlamers (The UTAUWikiTale Version and the CNAS-Tale Version.)

CNAS is constantly agitated by the TNFs always being strict and acting like "They have bricks up their asses." He is also annoyed that the TNFs created him, because... actually, he never says why that annoys him.


CNAS admires Ink's work, and consider Ink the second best AU in the Multiverse.


CNAS feels the same way about Create as he does Ink. He considers them (plus himself) "The Three Amigos" of AU creating AUs.


CNAS knows Scrap is scared of him, and constantly follows him just to be a huge a**hole. Despite this, he respects Scrap and his work


Although CNAS isn't a huge fan of Destroy's work, CNAS worships Destroy because he gave a compliment to CNAS' sprite of him, which was the best day of CNAS' life.


CNAS likes Dream's positivity. That is all CNAS has to say about Dream.


CNAS is scared as hell of Nightmare, but he likes to think that the substance that coats Nightmare is feces.


CNAS hates Error because of Error's role in the Multiverse. However, every time CNAS thinks of Error, he gets gas (For some reason).


CNAS is confused by S.T's role in the Multiverse (Even though it's explained), and is also annoyed by the lack of artwork for S.T, with only one image that he knows of (And since that sprite was made by him, he's especially peeved that he is the only person that does this sort of thing (make sprites & artwork), whereas there are hundreds of people that make AUs). He also finds S.T a prick, why he thinks this is unknown however. He also desperately wants to annoy S.T to annoy him. Why he wants to annoy S.T is ALSO unknown.


CNAS is sexually attracted to Saness because Saness is the charater with the closest personality to CNAS, plus CNAS likes memes alot.


CNAS likes Beyond!Sans for being his first artistic creation. CNAS doesn't take well to his personality or concept.

Creator Sans

CNAS had to Google search for Creator Sans, and even then, CNAS ain't a huge fan of Creator, because creator hates Ink, and CNAS is friends with Ink.

Memelord Sans

CNAS worships Memelord Sans as a god because of all the dank memes he has.


CNAS was one of his creators, although he is ashamed that Dark!Sans was a destroyer, he still is proud of him being his first real AU creation.


Just like Dark, he is proud of Sans.T for being one of his only AU creations, although he finds San.T REALLY annoying.

Century Gothic

CNAS has no real opinion of C. Gothic, but he likes his seriousness.

Times New Roman

He finds Times New Roman to be a horrible concept based on a kinda interesting concept. He also finds him a creep, but still likes him.


Although Keem isn't an AU, CNAS HATES Keem's guts, often calling him a plague on society and using his name as a swear.

AU's featuring CNAS


Non Canon



  • CNAS was originally made as a joke character, but his popularity led to the creation of an entire AU.
  • CNAS jokes about having prophetic powers (The ability to see the future). Every time he answers a question before it was finished, he uses telepathy to read their minds, not predicting them with prophetic powers.
  • CNAS worships Don't hug me i'm scared, especially episode 1 (Creativity). This is especially shown with his pacifist theme.
  • CNAS has another power, the power to impersonate anyone's voice perfectly.
  • CNAS thinks Undertail is a cool idea (Probably because he's crazy).
    • Despite this, he doesn't sexualize any of his creations.
  • CNAS surprisingly doesn't like the regular Undertale for being "Too plain for his taste."
  • CNAS likes drawing abstract art, especially shown with his self-portrait.
  • CNAS is sexually attracted to Saness, which is probably the strangest thing about him.
  • The original creator of CNAS, The Nitro Flamer finds CNAS a huge pile of cringe.
  • He likes the dankest of memes. However, he hates vines.
    • He hates both the Internet meme vines, and the plant vines.
      • Why he hates plant vines is unknown.
  • He has claimed that he has been in a mental asylum, however there is no evidence to back up his claim.
    • However, in an alternate (and non-canon) version of SCP-Tale, CNAS is in an SCP containment site. (An SCP containment site is not much of a mental asylum, but still...)
    • CNAS WILL be thrown into an asylum during CNAS-Tale chapter 2, which the beggining of the story being canon to the AU MentalTale.
  • He is scared of Temmies.
  • CNAS is fluent in English, Wingdings, Spanish, French, and Klingon.
  • He loves every single Mexican food dish.
  • He is one of the only AUs that can kill Dark!Sans.
  • His eyes are actually his SOULs, and yes, he has 2 SOULs.
  • Funnily enough he hates marijuana, despite his weed shaped eye.
  • He enjoys playing a modified version of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 called CoD: Undertale Edition.

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