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Corgi!sans is a character from Corgitale and is a white Corgi like everyone else ( except everybody else in Corgitale are all different type of corgi )


he is still lazy just less so and is more playful he knows vary little English and most of the time bark's unless he talking to the human. if you kill corgi master Corgi!sans will get angary then he becomes Angary Corgi!sans. he sometimes use's his cuteness to hypnotize his opponent's into doing other thing's but sometimes it dose not work .


he is a white corgi wearing Sans's coat he has black dot's for eye's normal paw's and his left glowing eye and no under shirt. in his angary form he has a gaster blaster face as a mask his normal coat with a white under shirt and black pant's with slipper's gray fur and a left glowing eye.


  • all Sans's power's
  • cuteness: he can hypnotize people using cuteness but it doesn't always work .
  • Bite: he bite's his opponent and he may or may not have rabies .
  • Super speed:99 mph.

Angary Form

  • all the power's normal form has .
  • Stronger attack's.
  • Corgi bomb's ( 70 damage )
  • 130 mph


  • he has paw's instead of arm's .
  • he only 2ft tall.
  • knows little English.
  • he dose not like water.
  • still has low stat's.


Mera : he is kind of afraid of her since she is dead .

CorgiMaster : he like's CorgiMaster he is one of his if not his only best friend.

Error!Sans : he hate Error!Sans because he tried to kill there AU .

Infected : he has seen Infected one infected was petting him.

S.T : he has heard about S. T but doesn't want to meet him.


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