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"It's nice day outside.....Birds are making nests....Flowers are sprouting....On days like this kids like you......SHOULD BE BURNING IN THE UNDERWORLD"
– TUTF to the player on a genocide run


He is very lazy often wanting to sleep on the job.He does deal with mild depression.He loves his brother but tries to be cool when he sees the human again and again.

Powers and Weaknesses


All the bones are replaced with knifes or swords.His gaster blasters are called create blasters which can be any gaster blaster from any AU.


Since he is so lazy he will fall asleep during the fight.


He wears a normal Sans jacket except its blue is green and its hood is black.His pants are long pants with a blue stripe running down them.He wears UnderFell Papyrus boots.


  • He once made a promise to protect any human that passes through the ruins door.
  • His favorite sauce is A1 steak sauce.
  • Instead of saying bad time he says Horrible Time

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