Continuum!Sans was created by Undertale amino user. Continuum!Sans. This AU is like Outertale, but everyone lives in space ships and space stations.


Continuum!Sans lives in a void like place where only he can exist, because it is inside of his sword which can open portals to anywhere in the multiverse. Continuum!Sans also lives in the Snowdin space station with Continuum!Papyrus and the other monsters.


Continuum!Sans is always excited and happy, and tries to make friends with everyone he meets. Continuum!Sans only will get angry if someone kills one of his friends or brother. Continuum!Sans tries to make people laugh by making little green and yellow goo creatures.


His right eye is yellow, and left eye is green. His eyes can change between a star shape, a heart shape, or just a dot. He is always crying green goo from his right eye and crying yellow goo from his left eye. He has a blue scarf, and the end of the scarf is orange. His scarf has a hood, wears an orange shirt that has green lines on the right, and yellow lines on the left his shirt. He has a yellow sleeve on the right and green sleeve on the left. Continuum wears a green glove on his right hand and a yellow glove on his left hand. He wears gray trousers and orange shoes, and carries his sword on his back.

Abilities and Weaknesses

Continuum!Sans can use the green and yellow goo to make things and sometimes to bring people back to life. However, in order to do this, he needs the persons soul.



Continuum!Papyrus is his brother. Continuum!Sans And Continuum!Papyrus Live In The Snowdin Space Station.


Continuum!Gaster is his father. Continuum!Sans doesn't know that much about Continuum!Gaster.


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