"¨Its a amazing day outside birds are singing flowers are sprouting.On days like this glitches LIKE YOU.Should be rotting as a corpse.¨"
– Issac to Frisk before his battle on the genocide run.


Isaac is a 49 year old engineer who loves puns.He is usually seen at the space bar.He loves annoying his partner John(Not lover geesh what a bunch of shippers)with his cheesy jokes.He is also quite a hacker.When he became an engineer he had grown quite fond of his creations such as-Mega man´s X suit and the advanced suit that he currently wears.


  • While he is human he is the only one who knows about Timelines and reprograms
  • Instead of the original sans´ bones he has necromorph blades.
  • Also like the original he has telekinesis.
  • Instead of gaster blasters he has plasma cutters.
  • Instead of turning you blue you would be slowed.


  1. Luigi-He often talks with him behind the door.He loves Luigi´s jokes as well.
  2. Master chief-He often annoys him with his jokes.
  3. Samus-Does not like a lot and thus does not pay attention to her.


He acts quite childish with leaving a lot of his metal parts around his house.He Also loves Puns.But he can be very serious often calling Frisk a glitch in the genocide run.He thinks chief as a brother because he has no parents.


  • Issac is very aware of UnderTale as he has studied it.

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