Code!Sans is an AU Sans that was created when his universe was being programmed. Then a catastrophe happened and the universe was left half finished. Instead of being created in Snowdin, he appeared in its code. Because of being not fully created, his right half is all black with binary numbers.


As said above, he is a Sans that was born with only half of his body fully coded. He has no brother, as he couldn't be created. He was the only character to be created in his universe. He tried to create Papyrus but, he failed. However, he noticed something, that in reality, Frisk was created in his universe too. He couldn't access the Ruins, however, as there was no Toriel to open the door. The door seemed to be locked forever. After knowing that he couldn't know the only other character (in his universe), he tried to escape his universe and into the code. He succeeded. He felt alone for a long time until he discovered the Anti-Void and went there. He currently lives there.


He is somewhat kind. He, like Dream and Ink, wants to protect AUs. However, he is kind of unstable and might rage quit sometimes. He is friends with Dream, Ink, and Geno. He is kind of neutral with Error.


  • He can program and code, like creating his own SAVE point (without the need of determination).
  • Has the same powers as the original Sans but a bit stronger.
  • He can visit other AU's and their code.

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