Dragoon Sans is one of the only survivors of the war against humans and monsters in which the humans killed all of the Monsters instead of sealing them under ground.


Dragoon Sans







Yoai Obsest Moran 


Tasin (Brother/Lover/Bonded)

Gaster (Father)

Affiliation Priest
First Appearance Mt Ebott
Status Alive
Marital Status Single ???
Place of Birth Mt Ebott
Species Skeleton
Gender Male
Height 5'1
Eye Color

White (right)

Glowing light Blue with dark blue rings (left)

During the war, Dragoon was dealt a severe wound and when the final attack was about to be made, he created a portal to another AU to escape, leaving Tasin alone.


Dragoon lived in the genocide timeline which took place during the first war with monsters and humans. The humans managed to kill all of the monsters leaving Sans the last monster standing. Dragoon escaped the war into the Science Sans AU to regain his strength.

Dragoon now watches over Tasin from a safe distance and will only show him self if the time is crucial. He will only stay when Tasin has learned to finally let go of the past and stop relying on him.

Dragoon will usually be found holding tow beakers and trying to get the right amount in though usually something happens to break his concentration coursing him to add too much causing it to explode. He is also seen watching Dragoon from a distance.

Despite what people might think, Dragoon is not perfect and he is still only one half of a whole and like Tasin, is unstable because there are times that Dragoon loses himself and loses his rational side and pass Judgment on his enemies. Tasin needs Dragoon to act as his knowledge and Dragoon needs Tasin to protect him from not only himself but also to protect those around Dragoon from attempting to fight him. 


Dragoon has a deep scar in his right cheek bone and a large crack on the right side of his skull that reaches his right eye. He also has tow markings on each side of his face resembling four dark blue triangles which represent knowledge and a dark blue line that goes down from his eyes to resemble the blood of monsters.

Dragoon wears a white lab coat, a black shirt with a white tie, and white shorts with white slippers. He also wears a black cross on his tie and a dragon cross rosary around his neck and blue glasses.

Abilities and Weaknesses

Dragoon is able to change his form into that of a dragon skeleton and gains the ability to fly and breathe blue fire, but his great knowledge forbids him from doing so and instead does a transform to gain the strength and keep his sanity. he also carries a crystal staff witch is able to withstand Tasin's blue flames being made of the same material as the scales that appear on both Tasin and Dragoon's faces when they transform.

His biggest weaknesses is and will always be Tasin, Dragoon would do anything even sacrifice his own life if it meant saving his.


Annoying Dog
This information is based on alternate scenes or materials, and is not considered canon within the overall plot of the AU series.

Tasin and dragoon have a very complicated relationship, they're brothers but at the same time not, they're lovers but at the same time they're not, but they are bonded. Dragoon has always treated Tasin as his little brother and has taught him everything he knows.

Dragoon believes that if Tasin keeps relying on him when the time comes that he can't come to save him, Tasin will die. This is why he is keeping his distance and watching Tasin from afar in order for him to become more independent and learn to fight and things on his own with the help of Ink, Error and Fresh.


Science Sans was the one who found Dragoon when he first escaped the war. He took him in and hid Dragoon in his secret lab and since moved to the royal lab when Alphys wasn't around. dragoon things of Science Sans as a good friend and helps him with any science projects he needs help with. He also secretly ships Science Sans and UnderFell Sans together.


Fresh only met Dragoon one time when he saved UnderSwap Chara from Tasin. He has heard plenty about him from Tasin before hand, and to this day he still thinks they're gay for each other. Dragoon has mixed feeling for Fresh because Tasin sees him as a new older brother and thinks Fresh might be stealing him away.


Ink only meet Dragoon once and heard about him from Tasin, and from what he witnessed when he saves UnderSwap Chara from Tasin is that he is very strong and dramatic. He only hopes that Dragoon stays good.


Unlike Tasin, Error only sees Dragoon as another abomination and an error and wouldn't think twice before killing him.

BlueBerry Sans - Under Swap

UnderSwap Sans only met Dragoon once when he saved UnderSwap Chara from Tasin. He think that Dragoon is a mysterious hero that fights villains in the shadows and thanks him for saving Chara.


Death has met Dragoon and Tasin before and during the war and became especially close to Dragoon. Tasin does not like him, believing that Reaper was the cause of Dragoon being targeted and having Death literally following him. It was also in this time that Dragoon told Death what their names mean and what they actually represent.


Unlike Tasin, Dragoon has full awareness of all the timelines and AU's and also has access to the different AU's though portals that he can create. this is why Dragoon stepped in and saved UnderSwap Chara from being killed by Tasin, knowing that she was one of the good ones who would think twice before killing any of the other Chara's. Despite his rational side, Chara was still the one who killed his race and family. 

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