"A life where you hurt everyone isn't a life you should live to finish."
– Blade

Blade is the fusion of Create and Destroyer.


Blade's left eye is a blood red broken heart and his right is an oval of the same colour. He wears a pink hoodless jacket over a grey T-shirt, denim shorts and burgundy boots. He wears a scarf the colour of his boots and has a grey bandanna tied around his right leg, just above the knee.


He is kindhearted and gentle but can lose his temper instantly. He has a fondness for music. He likes caramel, chocolate and various other sweets. He has zero tolerance to idiots and assholes alike.

Weapons and Abilities

Like Create, he can use Gaster Blasters, which are light grey with blood red pupils. He also uses scissors, knives and sticky paint to fight.


He can get nervous in certain situations, causing him to panic.

He, like Create, is claustrophobic.


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