"To be honest, I did not think humans could be evil. Well, not as evil as you, and yet here we are, ready to fight."
– Beyond!Sans

Beyond!Sans is a Sans from another timeline where he has lost all sanity and is a psychotic killer. Beyond!Sans was created by Wikia, Youtube & Gamejolt user The Nitro Flamer.


It all starts with Sans being haunted by nightmares of the genocide run, which slowly drives him into insanity. Eventually Sans gets driven over the edge when the Human kills his brother, Papyrus right in front of his eyes, causing Sans to fight the human, which leads him to brutally murder the human, then the rest of the monsters in the underground. After his chaotic genocide, Sans realizes he is stuck in the underground, and accepts his fate, regretting all of his choices.

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Beyond!Sans' personality is nothing like the original Sans. He is crazy, seeing all life (especially human life) as untrustworthy and often hides his emotions around people. (Before murdering them, of course, where he shows his true personality, absolute insanity.) The only thing he seems to have kept normal is his brotherly love for Papyrus.


Beyond!Sans' appearance is very different compared to regular Sans, with only some similarities. Like the original Sans, Beyond!Sans is a short skeleton with a blue unzipped hoodie jacket with a shirt underneath, along with short pants and fluffy slippers. However, his jacket gets paler the closer it gets to the bottom, to show that his jacket is coated with the ashes of those he killed, as well as a huge bloodstain on the lower parts of his jacket and the majorities of his shirt and shorts. He is also seen with his brother's scarf, which he is very protective of. The Major appearance difference is his injuries from his battle with the human, his right arm is gone, his chest has a small cut, and his face is covered in cracks, two of which permanently damaging his eyes to the point of being pure black.

Powers & Weaknesses


Beyond!Sans' abilities are the exact same as his counterparts, except his powers are greater due to his higher LOVE. (Level Of ViolencE) With his higher LOVE, he also uses a lot less energy, meaning he is less likely to wear out in battle. Outside of that, not much differences are seen in his abilities.


Most of Sans' weaknesses are no longer present. Due to his increased power, his HP (Health Points) is greatly increased and because his higher DF, (Defense) most attacks only do 1 point of damage to Sans. Though with his eyes damaged and the loss of one arm his dodging skills aren't as good as he used to but he makes up for this with speed



Due to him/her murdering Papyrus, Sans' hatred for the human is through the roof, and would do anything to murder him/her. This hatred towards the human applies to all humans as well.


Despite being driven to insanity, Sans still thinks the world of his brother, and would do anything to save him, even though he can't.



  • Beyond!Sans' story has many similarities with Dusttale Sans' story and Aftertale Sans' story. Similarities include Sans murdering the human brutally, as well as other monsters, (Dusttale) Plus Sans wanting to stop Chara thus killing them, ensuring everybody will no longer get the suffering they don't deserve. (Aftertale)
    • His design is also similar to these two AU's, with sans' jacket being stained with the dust of other monsters, (Dusttale) having a huge cut on his chest and him wearing his brothers scarf. (Aftertale)
  • Ironically two of the cracks on his head are in a similar position to the cracks on the head of W. D. Gaster.
  • Beyondtale's creator TNF wanted this to be a popular AU rather than his really popular AU CNAS-Tale.
  • Beyondtale was once a VERY different AU. Rather than being a mix of Aftertale and Dusttale, It was originally a sequel to the events of a true pacifist run of Undertale where the humans reacted really violent to the return of the monsters, most of them getting severely injured and some of them getting killed. The monsters went into hiding while the humans started searching for them to kill them once and for all, while a group of new monsters try to destroy both humans AND monsters.
    • This also ties in with Beyond!Sans' boss theme Megalomoira. The creator of Beyondtale asked the creator of Megalomoira if he could use it for the early version of Beyondtale where he said yes.
    • Beyond!Sans' first design was from this early version of Beyondtale.
    • This early version of Beyondtale was where TNF created Impact, his interpretation of Century Gothic and his original character, a half human-half skeleton named Headliner, which would be re-worked into his CNAS-Tale character TNF.
  • Sometimes when Beyond!Sans fights, his right eye glows dimly red.

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