Derrick is BelowStory's version of sans. Derrick has the same personality and abilities as sans. Derrick is aware of Ink!Sans and Error!Sans. Derrick has a sister named Brianne, BelowStory's version of Papyrus, Derrick also lives with his sister. Derrick speaks in Comic Sans MS and all lower caps. Also diagnosed with Depression. Derrick has Philophobia (The fear of falling on love), Athazagoraphobia (The fear of being Forgotten), Monophobia (The fear of being alone). His Monophobia may contribute with his Athazagoraphobia. Derrick enjoys to chug Chocolate Syrup provided by his Grandma's Desert Stand (aka Maria's Sweet Tooth). Derrick also enjoys a trip to the store, and he usually carries the money in the house. Derrick used to work with the Royal Scientist, Elvis. Derrick enjoys playing Renju and selling Fries.


Derrick is related to most of the main boss/characters.

Anna is his mom, Erik is his dad, Brianne is his sister, Maria is his Grandmother, Robert, Julie and Ethan are simply his friends. Elvis is his cousin, Isabelle is his cousin.


Derrick has four themes, all remixes of sans' themes in Undertale.

derrick. (8-bit sans.)

Theme or Melody that may have a chance of fifteen percent of playing when you're fighting derrick, i also have a feeling this title is too long for a song that will not play. (STMPWYFS 8-bit)

It's possibly raining somewhere other than here. (It's raining somewhere else. 8-bit.)

M E G A L O V A N I A (megalovania remix by droplikeanecake)


Derrick wears a blue hoodie with a fur hood, a white turtleneck, Ultra marine colored slippers, and black shorts with white stripes, he also has blue hair in certain places of his hair. He has a normal minty green eye, and a hole in his face with a eye that glows light blue.

Genocide fight

Derrick is the 2nd last fight in the Genocide run, dodging every attack. Derrick has -90 def, 1 atk, and 1.5 hp. The reason he fights you in the Genocide run, is to have vengeance for his Sister, Family, and tries to defeat you before you fight his dad. It is canon that Derrick wears his sister's scarf during the Genocide fight.

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