Aurora Borealis, or simply Aurora, is the fusion of Dream and Nightmare. He was created by Createsans.



He is slightly shy. He hates expressing himself, and gets flustered if asked his opinion. He, however, does look to the bright side of things. He enjoys Crossword puzzles, Nicecream and playing piano. He can be loud-mouthed and sassy at times as well. He sometimes, but rarely, lets a swear word out, and when he does, he denies that he said it. He has an extreme crush on Fellswap (not Swapfell) Sans.


He has white bones and no hair. His left pupil is battle blue while his right is yellow. He has 4 tentacles on his back, which came from Nightmare.

He wears a purple hoodie with a yellow T-shirt underneath it, dark blue pants and black boots, these boots have a golden chain on the right one, this chain can be attached and unattached at will. He wears a golden crown, similar in shape to Nightmare's, only instead of a moon, it's a heart. He wears yellow fingerless gloves and has a light purple fanny pack, similar to PJ.


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