The SSS_Ax_Nj_SSS (Simply referred to as the Angle Draw Sans or simply ADS) is a robotic Sans head only interested in destroying all violent OP characters. The ADS was made by TheNitroFlamer. and is now owned by MTT AU Maker



Nothing much is known about his past. One day the ADS simply appeared in the Undertale multiverse, doing nothing except roaming around and observing. It didn't interact with anyone, didn't show interest in anyone and showed no sign of speech, until it encountered an overpowered AU destroyer. The ADS reacted by destroying the Sans using precise, angle based calculations and small yet destructively crazy lasers, giving it the name of the Angle Draw Sans. It continued it's cycle of roaming around the multiverse, interacting with nothing except overpowered characters' who commit violence.


Visually the ADS doesn't look visually special, but is visually unique. Unlike most Sans, the ADS is merely a Sans head made out of an indestructible dark bronze-like metal with no mouth, no nose and sunken in eyes. It also has a large hole in it's head in which is used for it's attacks.


The ADS is a huge mystery when it comes to character. It shows no likes, no ambitions or no interest in anything other than destroying overpowered AU characters which cause violence. No one knows why it is, but it is most likely a part of it's programming. Outside of that, it shows no other characteristics, or even speech capabilities, as it's only dialog is directed towards it's targets.

Abilities & Weaknesses


The Angle Draw Sans shows not much powers, but it's shown powers are the most broken out of any characters in the multiverse. Once fighting anyone, it uses a precise method of attack calculating that is used ti find the perfect angle and strength to release it's attacks, which usually consists of lasers that can reverse the indestructible nature of any character, even the likes of GaryStu Sans and Sans.Es. It also can use homing lasers and a laser scanner which scans enemies and reprograms them to not exist. It can also teleport between AUs, float of the ground and even withstand the powers of any character.


The ADS shows no weaknesses. The most that can damage him is one of GaryStu Sans' attacks, which only deal 0.00000000000000000001 damage.


  • The Angle Draw Sans was inspired by the M.U.G.E.N character Angle Draw Sphere.
  • The Angle Draw Sans was made as a weapon to prevent the creations of overpowered enemies, both in the Undertale multiverse and reality, as TNF was getting tired of all the OP Sans' getting made, so he decided to create something to counter them all.
  • Despite the Angle Draw Sans being an anti cheap character, it itself is a cheap character.
  • It is one of the only Sans' that doesn't speak in comic sans from the little speech it emits.
  • Despite exclusively fighting aggressive overpowered characters, it is unknown if it is good or bad.
  • It is the only AU that can destroy Gary Stu Sans.

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