In this AU, Sans is replaced by AskGus


AskGus is usually very lazy and enjoys to crack puns. He cares for his brother very much and will try to protect him if he can. He is very laid back and usually doesn't do much except crack puns and hang out with friends. He will make any sacrifice if Olivianiswift goes on a No Mercy route. He also has a black handlebar moustache.


Gus has a Green hoodie over-lapping a grey top. He has a red hood over attached to the green hoodie itself. He has purple trainers along with black trousers with a white stripe. He always has a cigarette in his mouth which Createsans can get annoyed with.



Createsans is AskGus's sister and overall boss. She has told Sans numerous times that she'd fire him if he wasn't his sister.


AskGus cracks puns with SomeRandomWriter. Despite having a friendship, they've never seen each other in person.


AskGus has a friendship with Undyne due to Papyrus and Undyne having one too.


AskGus has wrote entries in Alphys's lab therefore having a friendship.


AskGus becomes friends with Olivianiswift unless doing the No Mercy run.

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