This version of Sans Is from Alterfell, a mix of Underfell and Altertale where the underground is run by the motto "Kill or Be Killed" and Sans is swapped with Toriel. friisans is the creator of Altertale, and, by extension, Alterfell.



Sans' attire is a mix between Altertale and Underfell. He wears classic Toriel's robe and a black hood. The robe has red sleeves, a black torso with yellow lines down each side, and a red outlined golden delta rune. He wears black slippers and red pants. He also has a golden tooth.


All information taken from creator

  • Sans is a savage.
  • He is sorta chill, but in a really eerie kind of way.
  • He probably eats human beings.
  • Sans has an innapropariate/rude sense of humor.
  • Hugs with him often lead to strangling



Toriel is Sans' love interest in Alterfell. He nicknamed Tori "Lil' miss sassy ass" canonically.

King Papyrus

Sans has attempted to kill Paps twice before, but each time it really was a joke because he would never end up doing it, even though he actually could have

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