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Saisk's Background

Saisk is a character from an Au Called GuardianTale. GuardianTale was destroyed by Nightmare before Error or Ink could find out. Saisk Travels the Au's looking for her father who is the only survivor other then herself. She Travels to other Au's not being noticed and trying very hard at it to. Saisk sometimes interfere's with Au's such as OuterTale and Storyshift but mostly to talk not fight.

She has 2 guardians like the name of her Au is GuardianTale. One of her Guardians is a skeletal dragon named Rose with blue eyes and is the more wise and kind of the 2. The next is Chara in a dragon like form which happened when she died in the underground. She used to be Frisks guardian but when Frisk died she moved to Saisk because She was Frisk's Daughter. Chara is the more Fierce and non trusting of the 2 guardians.

Saisk's name mean's yes a ship. She knows that in other Au's Her father and Frisk are not together so she never mentions it.


Saisk is friends, Storyshift!Chara, StoryShift!Asriel, Outertale!Chara, Ink, Error (More of a Friend/Enemy depending on the situation).


Saisk is Enemies with Nightmare, Killer!Sans, Horror, Dust. (Basically most evil Sans')

Saisk's looks

Saisk Wears a Red and black striped shirt, a gold heart locket, black pants with a white stripe, Blue and white shoes with a gold star on each side, a blue jacket tied around her waist, and a red scarf. her left eye is brown and her right eye is grey.

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