Saisk's Background

Saisk is a character from an Au Called GuardianTale. GuardianTale was destroyed by Nightmare before Error or Ink could find out. Saisk Travels the Au's looking for her father who is the only survivor other then herself. She Travels to Other multiverse where she has seen more then Ink and Error alike. She knows that there are more then one Ink or Error's out there. She met the child of one of those. In that Diemension as she calls them Ink is alcoholic and PJ moved away from them.

PJ is basically haunted by Nightmare cause they show up a lot possesing them at times and even killing them. Saisk is known for always coming back even though they aren't supposed to be able to like their mother could who was Frisk in their Au. Saisk is also known as an Idiot because where they are they are one of the only Pacifists but She might be wearing of on the others because they are slowly stopping to kill as much as they used to.

She has 2 guardians like the name of her Au is GuardianTale. One of her Guardians is a skeletol dragon named Rose with blue eyes and is the more wise and kind of the 2. The next is Chara in a dragon like form which happened when she died in the underground. She used to be Frisks guardian but when Frisk died she moved to Saisk because She was Frisks Daughter. Chara is the more Fierce and non trusting of the 2 guardians.


Saisk is friends with PJ, Cross (In a diffrent Diemension then the one Jakei made ), Cross!Papyrus ( same as Cross ), Storyshift!Chara, StoryShift!Asriel, Outertale!Chara, Underline!Chara, Echo!Frisk, Jade, Milla, Ink, Error, Ink!Chara, and a few others yet to be known.


Saisk is Enemies with Nightmare, Gasara, Killer!Sans, Horror, Dust, and Cross from time to time because sometimes they fight even though they are friends and these fight often end in Saisk's Death.

Saisk's looks

Saisk Wears a Red and black striped shirt, a flower Crown, a half star necklace, black pants with a white stripe, red and whit shoes, a blue jacket tied around her waist, and a red scarf. her left eye is brown and her right eye is grey. her left eye has a brown flame mark there that is not really known what it is there for.

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