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Role: W.D. Gaster

Appearances: room_mysteryman or room_272

He was the first canadian royal scientist, he was assigned by King Stan Marsh to work with him after his attempt to rule earth during the war between america and canada, even though he doesn't trust him Stan gave him a chance to work alongside him, after his ultimate death his spirit started living on in a hidden room.


Saddam's body is much like a canadian, his head reacts the same way except it uses his real face. he wears his signature military jacket and pants but in a much darker shade of brown.


He was a twisted and conniving canadian and known to be very manipulative, however despite being evil he was now known to grow more intellect and cunning since he became the royal scientist, when the main protagonist try's to speak with him he will speak out in his high whiny voice: "HEY RELAX GUY!" and vanish into thin air.

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