sad cupcake is a new song in the undertale au, the story tells about Toriel/Altertale,Chara/Storyshift,Sans,sans/underfell, and underswap papyrus and Asgore/alterswap how they lose their brothers and sister.


Altertale toriel: when you saw a butterfly from the knife but then they turned and evil, and started to..

Sans: killing your friends, and the brother you have. But you have to face the fears, because they turned into dust.

Underfell sans: it's a sad cupcake.

Storyshift chara: and it doesn't have the frosting and the sprinkles in it.

Underswap papyrus: it's a sad lonely cupcake.

Alterswap asgore: but you have to cry your tears and put it for the toppings, of a sad and lonely cupcake...(sighs).

Sans: you dreamed of everyone being happy and playing some games in the outside

Alterswap asgore: a lost puppy looking for a mother dog to take home.

Altertale toriel: but then the dreams and lost puppy turns into dust and then they fly away to the never ending sky.

Sans: but your like lost child that Been abused.

Underfell sans: it's a sad and depressed cupcake...

Storyshift chara: but there's no frosting and sprinkles to put with it..but you cry the tears and put it for the toppings.

Sans: you have to..

Underswap papyrus: face the fears.

Everyone: it's a sad lonely and depressed cupcake.

Underfell sans: but there's no frosting and sprinkles for the cupcakes and you cry your tears to put with it for the toppings.

Fell! Sans and underswap papyrus: of a sad cupcake..

Sang by:

Tara strong:(altertale toriel)

tabitha st.germain (Storyshift chara as a female)

todd haberkorn(sans)

drake bell(alterswap asgore)

Frank welker (as underswap papyrus)

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