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Sacred Chara, also called Holy, is a Chara who exist outside of timelines. She has the mission to stop any character who wants to destroy the multiverse. If she wants, she can be invisible to all, what she usually does, except to Deus!Sans. She travel through the AUs to prevent multiverse destruction. She has DID (Dissociative Identity Disorder).


She has two personalities caused by a modification in her code. Someone (doesn't know who) enters into her code and tried to change the functions of Holy. She automatically block her code, but not in time, creating two partially opposite personalities. No one has yet been able to change it (or nobody has tried to change it).


The first personality (normal phase) is the original one: kind, generous. She likes people and wants to be friend of everyone, not always successful. Always treat to not fight, and consider the everyone can change if they want it. She can withstand most damage received. But, when the limit is broken, the other personality (evil phase) awake. This phase is malicious and sometimes cruel, but she doesn't lose her original objetive to protect the multiverse. She will do anything to fulfill her mission. The way she switches between personalities is unknown.


When she is on the normal phase, is wearing a white robe and elbow length gloves. Also she has a aureole. She transmits a peace and tranquility aura. She has a white wings. Her right eye turns into flashing white. When she is on evil phase, her robe and wings becomes black, her aureole disappears and emanates a dark aura. Her left eye turns into flashing black. Sometimes her left hand is on fire.

Abilities and Weaknesses

She can withstand most damage received. She has a great heal abilities while she is on normal phase, and great destruction abilities while she is on evil phase. She has a great defense and health.



Holy doesn't remember him but she has a small memory about him. He did it on purpose. Her mind was manipulated by him. Partly, Holy's personalities are the fault of Deus!Sans because he left her code vulnerable.


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