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SMii7Y is one of the main characters in the Undertale AU "Vanosstale" and the only character of the main cast that cannot be directly killed by the protagonist. He play The Royal Scientist Role and play as Alphys.

He has had a good friend of Wildcat and is a better friend of Ohmwrecker. In the True Pacifist Route, he decides to show his feelings for Undyne, and they start hanging out more on the surface.


Ohmwrecker is the Royal Scientist and the guide to the player throughout Hotland. He 'assists' the player throughout Moo Snuckle's puzzles and The CORE, which are revealed during Moo Snuckle EX's fight to be activated as part of a ruse for the player to judge SMii7Y as a hero.

In his career and research of the power of Determination, he accidentally creates the Amalgamates by injecting Determination into humans to see if it could revive them from death. They ended up melting together and forming beings called the Amalgamates. During this time period, he injects Determination into one of the potato of Wildcat's garden. Nogla is born from one of these potatos because of Lui's dust being spread over it.

Different from the Original Alphys:

  • Compare to Alphys reptilian species, It assume that SMii7Y is a talking pillow.
  • To avoid any confusion of Yaoi shipping, SMii7Y and Ohmwrecker are best friends and not dating, Same is said between SMii7Y and Wildcat.
  • He can pick up stuff even without hands.
  • It can be safe to say he was turn into a pillow during an accident.
  • His theme would be based on the elevator song of his outro.
    • If by chance he have his own version of Alphys Takes Action, Being under the name "SMii7Y Takes Action" it unknown if it base on his outro song or his more older song: Marble Soda


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