This character is dead...

Fell!S.T is the Fell version of S.T, and one of the only AU versions of S.T to exist. If you hate me for making another S.T blame user Createsans.


Fell!S.T, unlike Swapped S.T actually was from Underfell (was being the key word). He came from a timeline where there were AU versions of S.T. Underswap!S.T (not to be confused with S.T!Swap), Oceantale!S.T, Ink!S.T, etc. The original realized this could cause some problems and had them all killed. Each one knew they had to die and excepted their fate. Except one. Fell!S.T decided he wanted to live and forced Flowerfell!S.T to take his place because they looked identical. Fell survived and followed S.T hidden. S.K is the only person who knows about him.


Fell T (Fell.T) never smiles. He has no sense of humor and hates everyone. He wants to rule everything and kill S.T. He discovered True!Swap and they teamed up. Fell T plans to kill True!Swap later. He can´t do anything about S.K.


His powers are the same as S.T's, plus he has the added bonus of telekinesis.


Fell.T has orangish red eyes, sharper teeth with a single gold tooth included (Similar to Fell), and a hard to notice missing rib. His jacket is dark grey and his pants are black.



True!Swap finds joy in killing while Fell does not care. He plans to kill her for EXP like the rest of the out of codes.


Like Backwards he blames him for his existence and wants to kill him.


Like S.T annoys Create, Fell T plans to torment him by killing every out of code character and then Dancetale!Sans.

Every other out code character

He plans to kill them all.

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