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"This is my quote"
– S.T

S.T is a character that lived within the original Undertale's files. He was created by fandom user The0Puppet, now UndertaleAUwikipersonandthings. He is a hacker, he understands everything is a made of code, and he can recall true resets and can recall all changes to his character concept. His origins are from a long since deleted timeline that took place above ground. He is also in possession of one soul fragment. The other was returned to it's owner. He is also the God of Hacking (see Gods page).


S.T is a skeleton that has a light grey jacket, a light green T-shirt, light green shoes, and dark grey pants. He is 1 inch taller than Sans and skinnier too. His eyes are white but occasionally turn green.


S.T probably has one of the biggest egos in the Undertale Multiverse. When he finds new out-codes, he either gives them advice, engages a fight, or both. He has few friends (Not counting, Swap,S.K,MV!Frisk,or The Puppet) in the multiverse, and makes more enemies than he remembers. He can't create souls which means souls are something of value to him and can be used to bargain with. He also seems to be very anti-lust but we can never be sure due to him formerly being a Minor God of Lust (see Gods page).

Abilities & Weaknesses



He can summon a holographic touch screen computer screen out of thin air that allows him to hack the multi-verse. He can only have the maximum of four screens running at the same time, but can hack virtually anything. Despite this, his screens can be destroyed by Error!Sans's blue strings and if they are destroyed, S.T temporarily cannot hack the multi-verse, severely weakening him. His hacking can do almost anything for him, including giving him new abilities. One of the few things he can't create are souls which make them valuable to him


He often relies on morphing to defeat characters. He uses this move so much, he was put in the category Shape Shifter.


  • Error!Sans: As stated before, Error's blue strings can destroy his holographic touch screens, temporarily preventing S.T from hacking.
  • Taking His Coffee: Drinking coffee either makes him too tired to do anything or very annoyed.
  • Tying His Arms Together: With his arms tied together, he won't be able to type rendering his abilities mute.
  • Green Tea: S.T gets tired after drinking green tea. Despite this, he loves drinking it.



He offered a job to him. Let's just say that things happened...


They often walk around the AU's taking notes on some characters with S.K. They live together and have there own child.


Him and Create don't get along very well. Their rivalry matches that of the their creators


S.T regards him as potentially dangerous.


He doesn't mind him.


The two have known each other in many timelines and were once together. S.T truly fears her and wishes she would go away and stay as Swap.


They are good friends and both have a history that intertwines often.


He hates him for being an unhackable and undefeatable demon.


He hates him for being a demon of lust. He has killed him once when Dread was in a weakened state.


There relationships started as neutral, but things happened and S.T and Ace have there separate reasons for avoiding each other.


The two have had one encounter before S.T exited his universe. At that time S.T was S.T Generation Four,or his fourth body, when he was female, and Minor God of Lust. Now S.T hates her for being a demon of lust.


They aren't friends or enemies, they are neutral to each other.

Crazy Nude Artist Sans

He finds him annoying, but is thankful for the sprite CNAS made for him. WHAT ARE YOU DOIN MEH SWAMP!


S.T finds Sans.T annoying.

Cali (Calibri Ten)

S.T trains her but also has edited her using the screens on multiple occasions.

Origins of S.T


  • His name is actually Subject Ten.
  • He has a Facade Soul that appears to be Green, but the actual soul is corrupted and glitchy.
  • He has the memories of who Swap is swapped with locked in a capsule.


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