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Main Story

Ruinstale is and AU where Katrin (The first fallen human) killed most of monster kind. When Frisk (The second fallen human) falls, their mission is to pass the barrier, but they need the equivalent of 3 human souls to do so. Katrin at this time is still alive, so Frisk needs to help the River Person find the strength to use their hidden ability, reincarnation. With the help of Frisk, they are able to rejuvenate the fallen monsters, and destroy the barrier.

Living Monsters

The monsters that are alive when Frisk first falls are

  • Toriel
  • Alphys
  • Undyne
  • Sans
  • Papyrus
  • Napstablook
  • Monster Kid
  • River Person

Character Changes

  • There is no Chara in this AU.
  • Asriel was never born.
  • Toriel is heartbroken because of Asgore's death.
  • Napstablook is living in a dead-alive state after Mettaton was destroyed.
  • Sans is very protective of Papyrus.
  • Undyne feels that Alphys hates her.
  • The River Person is very depressed and weak after their friend's deaths.
  • Monster Kid is to afraid to talk to anyone, even Undyne.
  • Everyone has a fear of humans to some degree.
  • Katrin trusts no monster, but will trust a human if they prove their dedication to her by committing genocide.
  • Alphys longs for Undyne's care, but is afraid that if Katrin sees them together, she will kill Undyne.

Pacifist And Genocide Runs

The following paragraphs include spoilers for the final AU and may change over time.

Pacifist Route

When Frisk first falls, Toriel is very startled as she doesn't trust humans and keeps a close eye on them, but after a while decides to let them try to reason with Katrin. They run into Sans on their way, and he lies about his brother for his safety, but eventuality tells Frisk about him and they meet for the first time. Papyrus is very wary about humans, but still wants to capture them. He tries to use several small puzzles against the human, but fails to capture them.