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"Roses are red, violets are blue, In this world... it's kill or BE KILLED!"
– Rosey

Rosey is the posthumous form of Toroko and the "final boss" of Ravil Rampage. Her main goal is to steal everyone's hearts/SOULs, turned them to rabids, kill everyone til they'll turned into a flower, takeover entire universes from time to time, and conquer the whole entire universe.

Physical appearance


The story take place years after the events of Cave Story. It tells a story of Rosey's origin when she first woke up here, in the garden. She was so scared. She couldn't feel her arms or her legs... Her entire body had turned into a red flower! "Sue! King! Somebody help me!" She called out. But nobody came.

Eventually, someone found her, crying in the garden. Rosey explained what had happened to them. Then they held her. They held her with tears in their eyes, saying... "There, there. Everything is going to be alright." They was so... Emotional. But... For some reason... Rosey didn't feel anything at all.

She soon realized she didn't feel ANYTHING about ANYONE. Her compassion had disappeared! And believe me, it's not like she wasn't trying. She wasted weeks with that stupid [REDACTED], vainly hoping she would feel something. But it became too much for her. She ran away from home.

Eventually, she reached the [REDACTED]. Inside she found HER. Rosey thought of all people, SHE could make her feel whole again. But, she failed.

Rosey realized those two were useless. She became despondent. She just wanted to love someone. She just wanted to care about someone. But Rosey decided... It wasn't worth living anymore.

Not in a world without love. Not in a world without you. Not in a world that is is useless. So... She decided to takes some of the powers from other monsters. She would become the goddess of the world. And you know what? She succeeded.

She can now use the abilities to spawn a "friendliness pellets," which are actually harmful red bullets.

But as she left this mortal coil... She started to feel apprehensive. If someone like Quote [DATA EXPUNGED], what happens when [REDACTED]...? Something primal started to burn inside her. "No," I thought. "I don't want to die!" ...

Then Rosey woke up. Like it was all just a bad dream. She was back at the garden. Back at her "save point."

Then, She decided to experiment. Again and again, she brought herself out of time and space to the edge of death. At any point, She could have let this world continue on without her. But as long as Rosey was determined to live... She could go back.

At first, she used her powers for good. She became "friends" with everyone. She solved all their problems flawlessly. Their companionship was amusing... For a while.

As time repeated, people proved themselves predictable. What would this person say if she gave them this? What would they do if she said this to them? Once you know the answer, that's it. That's all they are.

It all started because she was curious. Curious what would happen if she killed them. "I don't like this," she told herself. "I'm just doing this because I HAVE to know what happens."

Nowadays, even that's grown tiring. She had done everything this world has to offer. She read every book. She burned every book. She won every game. She lost every game. She fertilized every plants. She infected entire plants. She loved them. She hated them. She appeased everyone. She killed everyone. Sets of numbers... Lines of dialog... She seen them all.

Until the time has come, she had finally succeeded and gained the powers to warp from time to time, space to space, and through dimensions.

As she visits to every worlds, she encounter every monsters and other creatures she faces. After Rosey defeated every, every creatures, she absorbs all kinds of monsters' powers with her roots, such as Kronos, Vitreous, and other monster she absorbs. The more she absorbs the powers and abilities the more powerful she become. The more her LV grew, the genocidal she become.

And lastly, she had went to the time where the final battle with Quote and the Doctor fights at the Balcony.

She interrupts the final battle by ambushing the Doctor in the back, and absorbs the powers from the hearts.

And finally, this will be the FINAL battle between Rosey and Quote. Who will win? The battle had started with this song played.

Once and 10 turns later, she told Quote about she hated him so much, because he couldn't even tried to save her. But instead Quote had no choice, he killed her instead. She is really angry and called him a murderer. He killed too many monsters and never give up. And then, Rosey had unleashed her fury and become more powerful than ever. And the song, Clash With a Doctor played.

After the long battle, Rosey had finally succeed and killed Quote for good. She takes Quote's SOUL and wipe out Mimigas in the cages at the Balcony. And then, she takes the Demon Crown and absorbs the powers of the Demon Crown.

This story will continued later, I will think of Rosey's backstory then.


For further information, see w:c:cavestory:Toroko#Relationships.




Rosey Looking

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