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Oh no! Do you need help?

— Rose

Rose is the human that fell down before the human before Honera (two humans before Honera) in the AU Forevertale, created by Cinder. She's the green soul, or the soul of kindness. She is fourteen and lives with Lilly, a froggit, in the Ruins. She goes to Tri-City School and her best friend is Honera. She is friends with Frisk and Mayton.


Rose has hazel eyes and long black hair. She wears a white shirt with three dark blue stripes and black capris with a green floral pattern on a strip along the top. She wears boots that go up to her knees and she usually has a slanted belt on her waist with a small bag hanging from it that she carries things in.


Rose is soft-spoken and pacifistic, usually complying with what others want to do. She doesn't worry about making messes, but is still very organized. Rose worries about what others are going to think and freaks out when she is put under pressure. The only time she doesn't freak out under pressure is when she is cooking. She is an excellent cook, even though she is very young. She often gets offended when someone teases her friends or her, but she is too shy to do anything about it, and she just lets Honera deal with them, even though she will feel bad about it.

She is often with Honera, but feels jealous whenever Honera is talking to someone else because Rose doesn't really have any friends except Honera and her adoptive mother, Lilly. She still knows that Honera is her best friend, that Honera cares about her, and that it's wrong that she feels jealous about Honera having other friends, but she still feels that way. Rose will do anything for Honera and cares about her very much.

When she sees someone who looks sad or is hurt, she will always forget her shyness and try to help them,even if they refuse her help or comfort, she will leave them a cookie that she carries in her bag to make them feel better. When they do except her help she will be kind to them until she is sure they are okay, then give them a cookie and leave. She never introduces herself unless they ask, and she doesn't ask their name but she will remember it if they tell her. When she is bored she will either cook or look around for monsters to help.






  • She was originally named Daya.
  • 'Rose' used to mean kindness, before the word became known for being a flower.
    • She got her last name, Flutter, because her personality reminded me of Fluttershy from My Little Pony.

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