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Roman Gaster is the son of W.D.Gaster and middle child of the Gaster Family.


Roman was made to be the perfect recon monster a bit to perfect some would say. When he was born he was experimented on by his father and was abandoned at 2 years old and taken in by human parents. the rest of his life was fairly normal for a human, except for the night of his 20th birthday when he got crazy drunk and ¨died¨ of alcohol poisoning, but he was not dead he merely passed out from too much booze. when he woke up he saw his father(Gaster) in an all black room full of doors with names on them. When he asked Gaster where he was he said ¨You are in my domain the Void where all AUs Diverge.¨ So he took the mantel of God of AUs and is still protecting them with the Star Sanses to this very day.


Roman is a calm and collected young man only fighting when he needs to. He really cares for his friends and family and will protect them no matter the cost.


His appearance is that of a normal human with a purple jacket, Black shirt and pants, And black and purple shoes. He also has a dual scabbard for his swords that he keeps on his back.


Levitation-Roman can levitate and move around with ease due to his sheer magic power

Rifts-Roman can create rifts to the void, his home. they can also act as portals for transport or even in battle

Soul weapons-Roman having all the SOUL powers can use their powers as weapons like strings for aqua and arrow dodging for green

To shorten it up he has most of the powers of sans but is completely immortal and can kill almost every opponent in one shot

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