Roleswap by 80percentpopsicle-da1fpm0

Roleswap is an AU created by 80PercentPopsiclewhere the main cast are switched around into different roles. Undyne is the fun, innocent, optimistic human hunter, while Asgore is the laid back, protective one following Frisk.

About the AU

The plot of Roleswap is much the same of Undertale, though the character's roles and personalities are swapped around. All of their themes have been remixed to suit them better as well.


  • Sans is in the place of Toriel.
  • Asgore is in the place of Sans.
  • Undyne is in the place of Papyrus.
  • Toriel is in the place of Undyne.
  • Papyrus is in the place of Alphys.
  • Asriel is in the place of Mettaton.
  • Mettaton is in the place of Asgore.
  • Alphys is in the place of Chara.


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