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RoleBlend is a swap AU using Storyshift pairs.


  • The Protagonist/Player Character Role is taken by Asgore who looks a lot like his Altertale design.
  • The Empty One Role is taken by Grillby, he tries to give you poisonous Friendliness Fries.
  • The Caretaker Role is taken by Monster Kid, the armless caretaker of the ruins who thinks everything is rad and misses Undyne.
  • The Recluse Role is taken by Sans, the lazy skeleton who sits around all day wearing a sheet and making puns.
  • The Ambitious Role is taken by Mettaton, the cousin of Napstablook who dreams of saving humanity.
  • The Judge Role is taken by Napstablook is the cousin of Mettaton who is very shy and fights you at the end of the Genocide Route.
  • The Restaurant Owner Role is taken by Flowey, he owns a restaurant in Snowdin which serves many vegetarian options.
  • The Idoliser Role is taken by Toriel, the admirer of Chara who gives asgore a butterscotch-cinnamon pie when met and looks like her Alterswap design.
  • The Captain of the Guard Role is taken by Chara, the leader of the Royal Guard who turns into Chara the Courageous during a Genocide Route.
  • The Enraged Role is taken by Gaster, he is found in the trash dump and fights you after you fall down there.
  • The Village Shop Role is taken by Muffet, she owns a store in Waterfall and sells Spider cider.
  • The Royal Scientist Role is taken by Asriel, the current Royal Scientist who created Papyrus.
  • The Forgotten Scientist Role is taken by Mad Dummy, the Royal Scientist before Asriel. Not much is known about him.
  • The Celebrity Role is taken by Papyrus, the star of the underground who loves puzzles.
  • The Outrageous Vender Role is taken by Temmie, she battles Asgore when he doesn't buy any Temmie Flakes from her.
  • The Monarch Role is taken by Frisk, the ruler of the underground who destroys the FIGHT button instead of the MERCY button.
  • The Soulless Angel Role is taken by Alphys was Undyne's best friend before she died and became a fire monster.
  • The Fallen Role is taken by Undyne, she was Asgore's friend who started this mess. She appears at the end of a Geno Route.


After a genocide run, Frisk reset the timeline and things got a bit iffy.

Long ago two races ruled over earth.

Humans and monsters.

One day two humans fell into the underground by accident.

The humans claimed the monsters set it up and they went to war.

The humans won and the monsters were sealed underground.

Two managed too stay on the surface.

One of them fell down.

And the other fell down looking for her.


  • RoleBlend used to be called Mixed Up.

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