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Roguetale is an Undertale AU created by Vincent Endethyst. Sans and Papyrus go Rogue, along with several other monsters, and rebel against Asgore.

About the AU

The plot first takes place when Sans and Papyrus' mother, Arial, is in battle. Except this time, she sees a human and feels sympathy for him. Arial helps him to safety, and he shows gratitude for her selfless actions. However, a monster notices her and believes she betrayed their kingdom, and proceeds to kill her. For years, Sans and Papyrus were trained to believe that a human had killed Arial. But it was later revealed to them that she was killed by another monster. The two grew angry and left Asgore's leadership. Years later, Toriel, Alphys, Grillby, and Mettaton found them. They stated that they grew disgusted with Asgore's new actions, and that they would like to join them. They banded together, and protected any human from being killed.


  • Sans is no longer lazy, but he enjoys naps
  • Papyrus does not have a battle body. Instead, his outfit is more similar to Classic Sans, wearing sweatpants and a hoodie.
  • Sans likes to drink maple syrup instead of ketchup
  • Sans and Papyrus wear red bandanas around their mouths
  • Sans' gaster blasters are grey and they bear four red eyes
  • Both Sans and Papyrus use weapons, such as swords and guns made from bones.
  • Sans has a red glowing eye, and his clothing palette is similar to Underfell Sans'
  • Toriel has not changed, except for being slightly less merciful
  • Papyrus cooks pizza instead of spaghetti (Since it's also an Italian dish)
  • Asgore is constantly after Sans and Papyrus
  • Flowey is also in constant pursuit of the protagonist
  • Undyne can also summon swords and bullets
  • Frisk's gender is NOT indeterminate. Frisk's gender in this AU is female.
  • Mettaton does NOT try to kill you immediately
  • Mettaton's appearance is much less feminine.


  • The backstory was inspired by the comic "Reminiscence"