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Rlopkid23 (Rlop for short) is a main character in CNAS-Tale.


Originally he was made as a body guard for Ink!Sans, who would never age. During his creation, he was given powers and DNA samples from characters from other universes, as well as some unique abilities of his own, one of them being a FINAL FORM. He ran away from Ink a few days after his creation and took his 'Lucky Knife.' Eventually Ink caught Rlop when he ran away, and left Bendy from the 'Bendy and The Ink Machine' reality to watch over him, with people calling him 'The Son of the Savior.' During his time with Bendy, He and Boris did a ritual to make Rlop immortal and have eternal youth. One day he decided to move into a realm next to CNAS' Picasso Pad, with his home being made as a replica of the house from the 'Hello Neighbor' Alpha 4 build. He also kept a pet angel Temmie. Being made by Ink!Sans, he has ink for blood, with the ink making his physical form as well. Eventually the CNAS-Tale crew found Rlop in his realm, and allowed him to join their crew.


Normal Form

In his normal form, Rlop is a white stick figure with thin black eyes and orange hair. He wears a white hoodie with a blue T-shirt underneath, black shorts and black-steel arm plates. He also owns a white hover-board, which he carries around with him. He also carries his lucky knife with him.

Final Form

In his final form, black ink engulfs his body and he sprouts wings. In this form, his lucky knife becomes a katana, which he can engulf in flames at will.


Due to his young age, Rlop is very playful and enjoys 'playing' with his friends. As well as that, he is also very kind hearted. During combat, he never lands the kill, and after the fight he heals his opponent and says "Good job." He also has an obsession of graham crackers.


Adopted powers

  • Ink disappearance - Just like Bendy (Bendy and the Ink Machine), he can travel anywhere via ink puddles.
  • Falcon Punch - Just like Captain Falcon (Super Smash Bros), he can engulf his fist in flames and exert the energy into a powerful explosive punch.
  • Spoder Sense - Biologically he is part meme, which has given him Spoderman's spoder-sense.
  • Teleportation - Just like Sans, Rlop has the ability to teleport anywhere.
  • Super hearing - Like the Neighbor (Hello Neighbor), he has super hearing, which allows him to hear anything in a 50 mile radius.

Original powers

  • Ink Manipulation - He can manipulate any form of ink to his will in anyway he wants.
  • Ink Blaster - He can summon a Gaster Blaster made out of ink, which is called an Ink Blaster. The Ink Blaster can shoot a concentrated beam of harmful ink.
  • Omega Ink Blaster - He can summon a more powerful variation of the Ink Blaster which is made of what appears to be omega flowey's arm but made out of a type of ink called 'Omega Ink,' which is harder than titanium. The Omega Ink Blaster has 5 exhaust pipes which can shoot out concentrated beams of Omega Ink.
  • Get Inked On - A move similar to the 'Get Dunked On' ability which can only be used when Rlop is angry. This ability can cause Rlop's opponent to drown in a pool of Omega Ink.
  • Hacking Block - He can block any hacker which tries to hack him in a 100 mile radius.
  • Spikes - Rlop can summon and manipulate indestructible spikes.
  • Epic Dabs - Being part meme, Rlop can dab like a boss, which can deal 5746565657564646454545 damage to his opponent.
  • Epic Beats - A special ability which can create music which can be used to bring out Rlop's mates to assist him in combat.


Crazy Nude Artist Sans

He doesn't give a crap about him but knows what he talks about.


He thinks TNF is cool.


He doesn't like Sans.T.

The rest of the cast

He cares about everyone else the same.


They are great friends as Rlop took him in.


He wants to kill Dust at all costs, even if it means going to extreme measures (e.g: Burning all the graham crackers).


Rlop admires Ink because he is his creator.


Rlop loves Bendy like a father since he is the only family he ever knew.


They are great buddies (It is unknown how their relationship started).


He despises AskGus


  • Originally he was supposed to be another character.
  • He is the mascot of 'Fowa Co.' (An Undertale AU making company)
  • Rlop currently owns 999999999999 graham crackers.
  • His soul is 1 fourth determination, 1 fourth judgement, 1 fourth patience, and 1 fourth hatred.
  • He isn't only canon to the CNAS-Tale AU, but to the lore of the multiverse.
  • At one point he had a brother, who was killed by Dust!Sans, But thankfully Rlop got away before he was killed. He despises Dust because of this.

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