AUTHOR'S NOTE: This AU and therefore this page contains Frans shipping, so try not to get too triggered if you do not like that ship. I have my own preferences and ships. If you want to hate me, please do it in silence.


Ritualtale is an AU where every monster related to the royal family is a demon. The only two monsters out of the main characters that are not demons are Sans and Papyrus, who worship the demons. Most of the characters' outfits have the Demonic Crest somewhere on them. The Demonic Crest is shown in Sans' artwork and more clearly in Alphys's artwork. Currently, the only four characters with official descriptions are Sans, Papyrus, Frisk and Alphys. This will change in the future.




Ritualtale Sans

Sans in this AU is very different to his classic counterpart. Instead of being funny, chilled out and lazy, he is timid, shy and introverted. He fears all of the demonic monsters, but still worships them nonetheless. He uses demonic rituals to communicate with Gaster, his "Guardian Anti-Angel", as he says. He has tried to bring Gaster back from the void several times, which led to the creation of Frisk. Sans is especially scared of Frisk, more than the other demons, but there is enough evidence in how he acts around her to suggest that he may secretly like her. This is not confirmed, but it is a likely possibility.


Sans wears a black hoodie with the hood always up and black shorts with a red stripe on either side. He wears a gray t-shirt under his hoodie. The t-shirt has a large, red Demonic Crest covering most of the front. His slippers are black.



Ritualtale Paps

Papyrus is much like his classic version, but he is a lot more scared and nervous around Undyne and the rest of the demonic monsters. He is friendly, extroverted and tries to be friends with everyone. He worries about his brother a lot and will not hesitate to comfort him if he needs to. He is quite defensive of Sans, even resorting to violence if he needs to in order to keep Sans safe.


Papyrus wears a black battle-body with a small Demonic Crest on the left side, replacing the symbol on his classic counterpart's battle-body. His red scarf is much longer, resembling a cape. It has a hood on it, although Papyrus never uses it. His battle-body is slightly more edged and geometrical unlike the rounded appearance of his classic one.

Ritualtale Alphys



Alphys is a pseudo-demon. She has enhanced scientific and building skills that were given to her by Asgore, but is not classified as a full-on demon. She does not show much emotion unless under extreme circumstances or when she is around Undyne. She cares about who she considers her friends, but doesn't show it very much. She will dip her tail in her own blood and use it as a writing tool.


Alphys wears a reddish-brown robe with the Demonic Crest covering the front. The large hood covers the majority of her face, giving her the appearance of a demon worshipper. She is a pale yellow colour and has bags under her eyes, clearly indicating that she doesn't sleep much. Her face is covered by her hood most of the time.



Frisk is easily the most different than her classic version. She is a demon, although she mostly just looks like a normal adult version of the original Frisk. She has many demonic powers and mostly floats instead of walking. Her personality is much like Flowey or Chara's. She is mainly friendly in an evil, creepy way, but can be serious and downright scary if she wants to be. She enjoys teasing and tormenting Sans, preferring psychological torment over physical abuse. She is well aware that he might like her, and uses this to her advantage when toying with him. She acts fairly flirtatious towards Sans, but this is most likely just because she likes messing with him. Frisk will defend Sans if he is in a dangerous situation. She says that she enjoys toying with him too much to let him die, but it's entirely possible that she actually likes him. If this is true, it isn't known if she likes him in a romantic or friendly way.


Ritualtale Frisk

Frisk wears a blue and purple sweater, like her original, but this is the only similarity when it comes to clothing. She wears black leggings and high heels, along with a large purple cape. The cape has a huge Demonic Crest covering most of it. Her eyes are red like Chara's.

This AU belongs to Tumblr user rofltatoes

Artwork for Alphys and Papyrus was created by Undertale Amino user Fem Asriel

Artwork for Frisk was created by Undertale Amino user Meow

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