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RisingTale is an AU set after the Flawed Pacifist ending.

About the AU

The human (Letas) falls down Mt Ebott in 31XX. He wakes up in a bed of wilted flowers. Then he goes to the room where Flowey usually is. Flowey is not there. Then he goes to the Ruins. There, he finds a group of 3 Froggits. They are in an intense battle with Flowey. Flowey is losing badly. He has a choice. Does he help flowey, or does he not? He ends up trying to spare both of them.

So, basically, the normal enemies and the main monsters are having a war, and there is one human that is trying to spare them all.

All the locations are ravaged, and there are fires and bombs everywhere.


  • Letas
  • Frogreat and Whimsalord (Froggit and Whimsalot)
  • Loudren (Shyren)
  • Lihtningplane (Tsunderplane) and Vulman (Vulkin)
  • Ragick (Madjick) and Fight Knight (Knight Knight)
  • Asgore 2.0

The other side

  • Rising!Sans
  • Rising!Undyne
  • Rising!Alphys
  • Rising!Flowey
  • Rising!Toriel
  • Rising!Papyrus
  • Rising!Asgore
  • Rising!Mettaton
  • Rising!Asriel


CHAPTER 1 - Creation and Destruction

Peace. That is one of our primary goals as a human being. It is something most people want but is almost impossible to get. Peace is like a pane of glass. It takes countless hours to make, but it only takes one person to destroy it. War. It can be helpful, it can be pointless. It can be for a good reason, it could be for a bad reason. There can be a clear good guy, or there can be no difference between the two sides. The only constant is that it can hurt people. It WILL hurt people. Mistrust between the monsters and humans had gone on for centuries until the humans banished them underground. Now, a new mistrust is spreading. The lesser monsters are unhappy with their treatment. The greater monsters want to stay in power. Who will win?