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More switchup AUs!!! Yay! (They're fun. Envisioning a character as something you never thought of before.)


  • Undyne is the first monster met. She sends "Friendliness spears", which are actually harmful bullets.
  • Muffet is the caretaker of the RUINs.
  • Toriel hangs out in the RUINs.
  • Genny is the laidback best friend of Red and final boss during the Genocide Route.
  • Red wants to capture a human so she can join the Royal Guard.
  • Papyrus wants to see his hero, Mae, in action.
  • Mae pursues the protagonist throughout Waterfall.
  • Scora is the Royal Scientist and creator of Asgore.
  • Asgore is the star of the Underground.
  • BP was a good friend of NCG before he died. Scora managed to bring him back, as a flower. (Yes, a flower.)
  • NCG possesses you during a Genocide Run.

More soon.

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